Jun 112013

Dyer bigfootEditors Notes > Rick Dyer said yesterday on his radio show Team Tracker LLC that he has invited 7-10 people including two News reporters to view poke and feel his alleged bigfoot body being kept preserved somehow without freezing in an alleged government facility outside Las Vegas, NV. Now this could be just another smoke screen to gain more publicity for himself or if these news reporters are the real deal and can report without any qualifications or NDA’s  then we may actually know some truth this Friday ! But he has not named these reporters so right now we have no idea if they are real or not. WE WILL SEE FRIDAY.




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  1. How will we know who the reporters are and are they qualified to determine whether or not the body is real or a fake? People without qualifications can be easily fooled. Where are the scientists of note who should be brougth in to inspect the body and why are the people he is bringing in not anyone of scientific importance? I dont buy it and we all shoud stop paying attention to his ongoing lies.

    • I stopped listening to Dick Ryder a month ago. Seems like his name pops up on this blog an awful lot. Don’t get me wrong, I check this blog out at least once a day, because I like it, but Ryder’s name is on here WAAAYYY too much guys.

      Please stop reporting what this douche is up too.

      • I agree. I love this blog and think Chuck is one of the best guys in this field,however,it is beyond me why anyone would give Dickhead Dyer any publicity. He HAS NO BODY..never has…NEVER WILL! By giving him publicity it just keeps his name in this field and that,my dear friends,is NOT a good thing!

  2. “Now this could be just another smoke screen to gain more publicity” All that really needs to be said. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

  3. The people invited are members of his fan club and the news people are unknown. If Dyer paid for his members to come view the body than this might be legit.

  4. it isnt legit. he expects these people who are in his fan club to tell the world they are legit? Sure he is only going to invite his fan club. He’s made thousands off these people, im sure he can more than afford to pay for their plane tickets. When Dr. Meldrum, Bindernagle, Esteban Sarmiento, or any other reputable scientific authority can say that the body is 100% legit, than maybe I’ll entertain the notion that it is real, until then it is still nothing but lies and BS made up to draw him more attention.

    • Dyer is a liar. If this had any truth to it, major news networks would have run away with it months ago. It’s all B.S.

  5. The guys so-called Bigfoot vid is an obvious green screen w the green bleed even showing around the edges of the head . I even show the march vid where he is filming w “bigz” and the green screen in the background . I can’t believe it’s still being considered especially since he produced nothing of substance or similarity in that film release

  6. Listen to Alex mw…takes a faker to know a faker!

  7. If its fake I hope that Rick is put in jail or sued.

  8. If this had any credibility, and there really was a body, Dyer could be a retired millionare right now, for selling his secret embalming technique, alone. Not to mention how much a perfectly preserved year-old Bigfoot body would be worth. This is all BS, people!

  9. Friday will come and we’ll hear nothing. As usual. This story has been a joke from Day one.

  10. Presumably with the release of the body, the media will be informed and be able to interview the scientists that have been secretly studying this body for a year.
    I am not holding my breath, but at least it will be a final end one way or another.

  11. Whenever there’s Trouble were there on the DOUBLE!
    were the B******hound G@ng!


    if you’ve got the CRIME we’ve go the TIME!

    Not only can we find the teeth oops truth about the Ape-Man, Man-Ape Bigfoot. But we will get a pizza afterwords!

  12. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  13. Yeah, here is what’s happening; he’s telling the chosen (by gullibility) members that he will be buying the plane tickets to preserve the secrecy of the unorthodox route, and that they must paypal him the $600-$1000 amount (depending on what he thinks said member will cough up). When in actuality he payed very little for the tickets because of all the redeye layovers. Another interesting point to marinate on; Rick has suddenly opened up the comment section on his site, why? There are 80 and counting comments bashing him, why would he allow this all of a sudden? For the extra cash from posters spending time on his site. He doesn’t care anymore, this is final stage he won’t be anywhere near Nevada on Friday!

    Oh, and reporters aren’t bound by nda’s. That’s where he messed up, hence the early exit.

  14. The “body” will be roped off and very little examination will be allowed. In 2008, the media was all over this. This time around, i dont think Cnn or Fox news has batted an eye at this so far.

  15. Unless one of the scientist is DR. Meldrum then it’s just 7 idiots and one hoaxer showing off.

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