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kainan_Grey--Portrait-Editors Notes > If this audio is real it’s amazing beyond words. What gets me is this guy had something eriely similar happen when he found the trackways in the snow last winter. He found them on multiple days and never did a daylight reconnaissance of these bigfoot tracksto their source.  Can you imagine finding fresh trackway of bigfoot prints in the snow my God you have a sign post to where they live and you don’t follow up on that. That gave me doubts about everything these guys do from then on. Now that it’s summer they are getting multiple recordings of amazing vocals every time they go out at night no one can be that damn lucky ! So folks please just wait and see before you take all this at face value, remember audio is the easiest thing to fake.

We’ve been pressing for months for him to say Mike and this was the first visit where there was personal verbal acknowledgement. This accomplishment is due to persistence, patience and a mutual respect from both sides.

These sasquatch have never stopped moving forward in their curiosity and acknowledgement.
Each visit gives us new perspective, new experiences and new activity as there’s always something different happening with each visit.

The last three visits have produced incredible historic audio which enables us to gain more perspective as we continually move forward.

ontario audio

This non evasive approach is once again proving to be significant in it’s simplicity.
Treat them with respect and the experiences are life changing.

There’s much more to this species than being just another animal. They’re so much more. One just has to listen to these vocalizations with an open perspective and see that we’re dealing with something so unique that killing even one is just wrong.

Sasquatch aren’t like us, but they’re people.

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  1. Sounds like tha tard from tha goonies.me love chunk

  2. As if on cue….. Yah, thats the whole problem. “It’s almost become predictable”. Yep, just as if your buddies are faking it out in the woods. That sounds like my 14yr old and his friends at camp. This is a BAD fake.

  3. I have no way of knowing if this is real or not, so this is just an observation: What strikes me as odd is why a bigfoot, who is a master of stealth and secrecy, is so loud and vocal, to the point of being obnoxious. He is not vocalizing words, but is just making noise. In humans, a bored kid will do that just to draw attention to himself. Seems counter productive for bigfoot, if he wants to stay hidden.

  4. Sounds like Zog or Thog , the cavemen. Very human sounding

  5. Cant help but wonder if this is a juvenile. The juveniles seem to be more vocal and with varying pitches as this. But who knows.. sound IS the easiest thing to fake. If this is indeed real, we need some other data to back it up- video, footprints, etc.

  6. ok, the homeless man is talking to ya..

  7. Sounds human. It seems like it was so close rhat if had a camera there may of been a sighting. Vert skeptic with the voice.

  8. Is Bigfoot a type of mentally challenged person? If so this is indubitably legit!

  9. Thanks for giving credit to Ontario Sasquatch, but we cannot accept it. Ontario Sasquatch is in NO way associated with Sasquatch Ontario. On behalf of our almost 200 members, I have to state that Ontario Sasquatch/OWFR does not endorse or reject claims by Sasquatch Ontario, nor do we comment on such claims, except in discussions at our forum.


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