May 122014
Screenshot of the Boy

Pretty Cute Guy! So, we are just taking this all day-by-day. He is going to surgery for debridement tomorrow, Tuesday. My BFF did not know what debridement meant; so, here is a definition from Wikipedia: … Read More

Apr 212014
Kentucky Bigfoot ?

CP Notes> This could be a joke, you got but after all I’ve been through I really need more then some low res video of hairy blob to get me excited ! OMG! This creature … Read More

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Apr 202014
Bigfoot Truth or Legend ?

(Profane Language) This is documented footage from this and the previous winter showing many aspects of multi-dimensional activity. Sasquatch are not as many perceive them to be. They are highly evolved spiritual beings who have … Read More

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Apr 182014
Hanging In There CP !

Hi Everyone, Just got back from surgery again this afternoon. I feel fine and strong if you heard me or if I could do my radio show you would hear that my problems are all … Read More

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Apr 122014

Thank you for all your support. Chuck is feeling pretty good as he waits for the big reconstructive surgery. He has now been transferred from the “Soft Tissue” team to the “Plastic Surgery” team. I … Read More