May 122014
Screenshot of the Boy

Pretty Cute Guy! So, we are just taking this all day-by-day. He is going to surgery for debridement tomorrow, Tuesday. My BFF did not know what debridement meant; so, here is a definition from Wikipedia: … Read More

Apr 212014
Kentucky Bigfoot ?

CP Notes> This could be a joke, you got but after all I’ve been through I really need more then some low res video of hairy blob to get me excited ! OMG! This creature … Read More

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Apr 202014
Bigfoot Truth or Legend ?

(Profane Language) This is documented footage from this and the previous winter showing many aspects of multi-dimensional activity. Sasquatch are not as many perceive them to be. They are highly evolved spiritual beings who have … Read More

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Apr 182014
Hanging In There CP !

Hi Everyone, Just got back from surgery again this afternoon. I feel fine and strong if you heard me or if I could do my radio show you would hear that my problems are all … Read More

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