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Hank is the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer killed in Texas last September. There is a private group on Facebook made up of many folks who have, among other interests, the belief that Dyer is hoaxing his story about the Bigfoot he killed.

Today, April 16, a photo of dead Hank was released by someone in the group to some of the group members. The person who released it has an NDA with Dyer. Everyone who saw the photo also now has an NDA. Either no one saved the photo, or they have all pledged not to release it until after April 30. All of the folks who saw the photo are now convinced that the Dyer story is true.

The person who first posted this story is named Don Boucher, and was one of Dyer’s fiercest critics. Stefan Beaudoin was similarly a ferocious critic of Dyer’s who has now converted. A number of people who formerly thought Dyer was hoaxing are now converting to believers en masse. They are issuing apologies to Dyer, and a number say they are going to see Shooting Bigfoot in Toronto on April 30.

Dyer1 shooting 100dpiRead Lindsay’s Complete Article

If anyone has a copy of these photos could you send them to me I would love to see them ! prahlchuck@yahoo.com

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  15 Responses to “Pictures of Hank (the Bigfoot Dyer shot) Released to Facebook.”

  1. The haters are going to feel very stupid if Rick really has one.

    • There’s no reason for the haters to feel stupid. Rick Dyer has set the stage for people to never believe him again. It is only common sense to NOT believe anything this fool has to say.
      If Dyer has a dead bigfoot, all that proves is that God has an odd sense of humor. It does not prove Dyer’s honesty, abilities, or intelligence, but it would add “killer” to his credentials.

  2. It’s a well orchestrated hoax. Sorry, not buyin it!

  3. With all the different story lines these last 4+ months it is time to either put up or shut up.

  4. Think it might be a bunch of fake accounts and a hoax.
    Dyer did shoot a bigfoot though.

  5. If Dyer has a body, and we shall soon see, anyone who has claimed he was hoaxing and a hoaxer should themselves be labeled hoaxers forevermore.

  6. There is no body and there is no proof. Just because a photo is ciruclated doesnt mean anything. Has anyone heard of props? Has any heard of doctoring photos with photo shop? I’m a researcher and am convinced these creatures do exist. I’m not convinced that Dyer shot one and the govt. built a facility to store the body. There are so many holes in Dyer’s story and so many inconsistancies anyone who has paid attention to it would see it is an elaborate hoax. He has admitted that time and time again that he is the best hoaxer in the world. If he did shoot a bigfoot, the only thing to keep it from decomposing or showing signs of decomposition would be a oxygen tight room where no bacteria is allowed to enter. It would have to be sterile. Even if he waited several days to partially embalm it as he claims, there would still be signs of decomposition and the body would not be in as good of shape as Musky and others claim. I just don’t understand how people can buy into his lies.

    Now he is bilking people out of money to join his group. Why would anyone pay that to be part of his group is beyond me.

    Where has the common sense gone? Where has rational thinking gone? Why are there so many gullable people out there.

    • If bigfoot exists then it’s possible for one to be shot. That’s not irrational thinking.

      As time has gone on the hoax theory is becoming more and more like a conspiracy theory, with more and more people being involved in it, most of whom have nothing to gain and a lot to lose by being involved – FBFB, Minnow Films, Musky Allen, Robert Lindsay and now the people in this facebook group.

      The simplest explanation is that bigfoot exists and Rick Dyer shot one.

      If it is a hoax then it is the mother of all hoaxes and Rick Dyer is an evil genius with plenty of minions doing his bidding.

  7. Rick said it best – The world is not ready for a bigfoot and espiecially one from Rick Dyer. Sit back everybody and wait for April 30th.

  8. April 30th will come and go. For all those who get to see the last three minutes of the documentary what will be gained? When I first saw the “Tent Video” I believed it was real and I was not alone. Could Rick Dyer have killed the one seen in the video honestly I don’t know. The proof remains with Mr. Dyer and untill the scientific community backs his body will everyone please shut up.

  9. It might have been more interesting if the Bigfoot had shot Rick Dyer.

    • Your right since people believe bigfoot knows what a gun can do and this also applies to any type of camera.

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