Aug 242013

Comics bigfootThe series continues to move on nicely, as Henaman is doing a fine job writing single-issue stories but building a world around it.  When I got the first issue, I worried that this would be a comic too dependent on its admittedly cool hook: Bigfoot on Mars.  For some people, that might be enough – “Hey, look, it’s Bigfoot! and he’s on Mars!” – but I’m glad that Henaman has been doing some different things with the comic, because the initial hook isn’t enough to sustain a series.  Bigfoot is still on the run with Castor the scribe, who remains a completely unctuous scumbag (the kind of character that’s enjoyable to read about but who’d you want to punch right in the face if you ever met him), and Henaman takes them to some strange places with strange characters that help fill in the history of Mars and why Bigfoot is on the planet.  In issue #3, they begin as prisoners of a strange (but sexy) insectoid queen, and Castor flashes back to the end of issue #2 to show how they got there.  The queen, Malona the Damned, has a scheme to mate with Bigfoot, but that goes sideways pretty quickly.  Henaman takes a few pages to explain how Malona became “damned,” and it has the double effect of explaining some of Mars’s history.  Bigfoot and Castor escape, of course, but the bad guys are still on their trail.  In issue #4, Henaman does something even more interesting – he separates Bigfoot and Castor, and the eponymous hero doesn’t even appear until the final page, as the issue focuses on Castor trying to escape from a prison camp and on how Bigfoot came to Mars.  Henaman has been coy about how and why Bigfoot is on Mars, and this issue begins to fill in some of that mystery.

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