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Lizard man

Chuck’s Notes > After watching the first episode I was convinced this show was the worst reality show to hit the airwaves in 30 years. But something happened I found myself watching every show and not because of the hard evidence of Mountain Monsters but because these good ole boys are the funniest thing on TV right now.

Tonight’s episode is the Lizard Demon a 7-8 foot high 600 lbs lizard beast, that lives in the water but hunts on land, killing the locals livestock around the sleepy town of Stillwell Holler WV.  

We begin this adventure with are rotund heroes interviewing witnesses who have seen the demon spawn. They quickly zero in on the lizard’s stomping grounds and immediately set to build their giant steel trap that will for the first time be set in a pond leading off a river in Woods County WV. The trap is so massive they couldn’t put it where they said earlier in the show by the well worn slide into the pond, no they placed the trap at the end of a boat ramp because the trap can only be moved by trailer now…. LOL. This show asks you to totally dismiss all the facts and just watch and enjoy !

What’s so fun about this show is people have been hunting this creature for hundreds of years in this region and these guys come in and in one day find tracks and previous kills and even discover a nest in the top of a old barn that this water loving monster apparently sleeps in during the day….too funny !


The film crew knows where the true interest of the show lies it’s this hillbilly monster hunting crew, like Buck who is as round as he is tall and is usually the butt of most the laughs in the show. Trapper is the leader the brains of the outfit your supposed to believe everything he tells you…LOL  Wild Bill the ex marine I don’t understand a thing this dude says but I love watching him. Bill can climb a 100 ft tree is 10 seconds and do most of the muscle work that the bigger boys just dream about.


Watch when the boys unload their weapons on the Lizard Demon swimming in the pond the beast is suppose to be 50 feet out in the pond they shoot straight down into the water…hehehe.

 So far every show ends just like this at 10:51 they get evidence the creature is heading toward the trap, break for  commercial, back at 10:55 the boys are seen racing through the woods screaming and yelling to check the trap for success. Every show ends just like that what are the odds.

I really love the show and I hope West Virginia has hundreds of Mountain Monsters for are hilarious team to hunt in the forthcoming years !

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  1. i love this show its so funny the mothman was my fav.

  2. This show is not to be taken seriously, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Even though the Mothman episode got so many things wrong, it’s still better than Moneymaker’s Know It All bigfoot show. Mountain Monsters FTW!

  3. the thing that makes me wonder about this show is they have gone to these 6 places and have had sightings at all 6! seems to me that something isn’t right/truthful about this show. I love this type of stuff but these guys really can’t get this lucky. and the grassman show. why the hell did they leave? I mean if bigfoot is throwing boulders at you while you are in it’s den then why wouldn’t they stick around a couple more days to get that money shot so to speak? and it’s not like these guys are in peak condition to be chasing mountain monsters around. something doesn’t jive here people.

  4. Can they really see a COLD BLOODED, lizard “demon” on a thermal camera?

  5. The show is hilarious. It can’t be taken seriously. The guys are true hillbillies. The bug zapper to catch the mothman was crazy funny. I’m from Wood County and asked people from there if they’d ever heard of the Lizard Demon. A friend answered and said the only reference he found to it was on the internet and it referred to the show. I like how they expect the one night they pick to trap the monster is the night that the monster shows up.

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  7. I live in wood county they were supposedly filming this literally a 1/2 a mile from my farm but the area they say is in the show or the people don’t add up lol the pine trees in the back ground don’t grow in this area of wv more southern and eastern parts of wv and the stream they set the trap on is not in this part of the country our water never looks that clear lol I’ve ran them all and don’t see any features of my home turf nice try though lol

  8. This program is all lies and Bullshit..how can these guys sleep at night……I suppose they do a lot of Laughing…what a lMonstrous load of shit !!!!!

  9. h ha ha…get a life….. the program has a cast of liars and is written by morons its crap..and you are getting scientific about it…..

  10. We all know Mountian Monsters is not real but it is so funny, I would rather watch comedy reality over something like the Kardashians, that is one show I refuse to watch. The the good old boys.

  11. I mean the Good Old Boys is a show to watch the Mountain Monsters.

  12. Love this show.

  13. It’s fun to watch just to point out just how many coincidences occur ,clearly it’s bullshit.. all the same gotta give the older hillbillys a credit for running around like that haha , if they were actually close to this “7foot lizard monster that camera man got nuts , he never flinches wit the camera lol, I wish I seen the mothman episode! Lmfao

  14. The true reason why I don’t believe this junk is because most of the monsters were created long before there was any evidence. You need true evidence before you come to conclusions, not vise versa.

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