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Chuck’s Notes > I watched the 2nd episode of Mountain Monsters last night to see if my first impression still holds up about this new cryptid show.  Well not only do I think this show is a joke it is the most ridiculous show to hit the airwaves in years.

These tubbies with guns running about the woods screaming with flashlights acting like their getting all kind of bigfoot reactions is more a comedy then some scary monster reality show.. You hear growls, roars, knocks everything bigfoot is supposed to respond like in a Class A encounter.

The question you’ll be asking yourself if you have any common sense is any of this really happening ? I don’t believe anything I see in the 1 hour reality show.

 Their quarry is the Ohio Grassman and these overweight hillbillies get immediate action upon entering the Ohio woods. They are out to kill or capture a Grassman so after having an encounter the first night the next morning they proceed on building a pit trap along the river where the grassman travels. If you were a bigfoot do you think you might notice a noisy excavator in your area digging a huge pit for half the day then covering it with a tarp and leaf litter ?

Well I won’t tell you the entire idiotic episode but they get unreal activity and evidence of the grassman and if your anything like me you won’t believe any of it for a second.

If you watch this program like it’s a comedy you will have a much more enjoyable time.



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  1. Three stooges times two. It is just entertainment.

  2. I don’t know how much of the show is real if any or how much is fake if any as i was not there. The thing i do know is that the Bigfoot community in and of itself is filled with the most self important, conceited, know everything group of people i have ever seen or heard. Now i know not 100% of any group can be lumped together but in the BF world unless it’s a buddy of yours or it’s your film, video encounter etc. then they are never worth a crap and the whole community is very fast to jump on and gang tackle anyone else’s evidence and even turn it to personal insults, like above for example. Great honest open scientific thinking .

    • Anyone want to get together and produce some crazy reality show.I got a student film crew from the local junior College that will work for free. we would only need a shoe string budget and we could make a mint. These stupid shows seem to be the new flavor of the month and they arent going away for awhile. EASY MONEY!!

      • I am in

      • I am in. I would love to prove that any of these stupid reality shows are just that, STUPID ! I want to let people know that ghost hunting like hunting big foot is all acting and selling. I have a lot of equipment for doing the hunting and a travel trailer to stay in. Let me know. Ps I am an older women.

      • I’m in for sure. I’ll even be one of the gun totting hillbillies.

        • You better shut the hell up about hillbillies b/c by god when the government fails yuns will all regret that shit

  3. That buck guy went down 2 time in the creek.
    I worry that they might shoot each other
    the way they sling those guns around.

  4. A bunch of morbidly obese (I’m assuming, very closely related) retards running round the woods screeching like schoolgirls, pointing guns at anything that moves. Way to perpetuate that all-american stereotype… and even on a comedic level, please note, I’ve had funnier haemorrhoids.

  5. Those guys should be off the air or they kill someone.

  6. It is the dumbest show ever. I agree. If anyone even thinks they are firing off real bullets, you are as dumb as the show.

  7. damn he got away. let’s just give up and go chase something else that we will find right away and not catch

    • LMAO!! So true!

    • I agree with this comment. They always come close but NEVER catch or shoot anything. Then say ” Im sure we will cross paths with this again!” Then leave to go chase something else. If they almost caught the thing in the net (which chews or claws its way out) but it gets away so they give up. Makes no sense. I enjoy watching it as entertainment but so much just doesn’t add up.

    • I would hate to go deer hunting with these clowns

  8. This show is so fake its pitiful. If three middle age overweight rednecks ran through the woods at night as loud and clumsy as they do NO animal will come around them for miles. I have hunted for years and I know that silence and patience is the only way to find any kind of animal. Their so called Devil Dog footprint was from a cut out model . I don’t know any creature that leaves a perfectly shaped print with defined edges. This show gives a bad reputation to serious cryptid hunters everywhere.

  9. Yes, the show is pretty fake from the glowing eyes to the perfectly flat tracks in the mud. But it’s entertainment, I laugh through the whole thing. Watching overweight hillbillies chase monsters through the woods is funny.

  10. David, I’m with you!

    • Brenda and David, How can you say it’s fake? It’s 100% real, how do you fake ole Willy and Wild Bill climbing the trees and the bridge? Did you see that? Did you see any safety wires or nets? Did you see Buck fall in the cold water twice? Or Huckleburries big foot by the print? These are real people not actors. The show is real or people couldn’t watch it. You see all the posts on this site, surely the show has to be real, these people did not all dream this up. They have to be watching a real show to make real comments about it. Or do you think this site is “FAKE” too?

      • J Tice,

        I have a bridge available that I’d like to sell. I already have several offers, but thought it would be perfect for such an intelligent person such as yourself.

        It stretches the length of the SF bay and is in terrific shape. If you can outbid $1,000, by golly, it’s your’s my friend!

        Scott McMan

  11. Did you get a look at Huckleberry’s toenails? Now that was frightening!

  12. This show is so fake it’s not even funny .It insults the intelligence of all who watch it. accept for you J tice . tracking any creatures takes more than three days .Some how these overweight hillbillies with flashlights multiple cameraman producer and sound techs .Can make contact every time with no problem . Its sad how set up it is all the sound of the creatures are from speakers. The dead wolfs the animal tracks its all poorly done.

  13. Ok folks, I just watched the Mountain Monsters show
    for the first time. And I can say I liked it. Fake? Maybe.
    But, I would rather watch a group of bearded rednecks
    ( like me ) do their damnest to put on a good show than
    an overhyped bunch of know-it-alls chasing all over the
    world and finding nothing. Except for a little more gun
    handling safety stressed, I’ll take a bunch of backwoods
    coon huntin, bear trackerin, ‘backer chewing good ole
    boys any day.

    • hell yeah buddy I agree 100% I’m on my way to being a bearded redneck (I’m only 16) but I chew baccer pack a gun anytime Im outside and I can’t stand it when you tell someone watch you see and they come up with a long crapstory of why it couldn’t have been

  14. You guys need to put up more hunting cameras around your search perimeter and give each search team a thermal camera. You need to get more visual evidence. Try splitting up into teams of two for your second night investigation so you can cover more of your search site.

  15. i’vs been in these blue ridge mt’s all of my life,, been hunting and fishing here all of my life,, i am 48 years old,, and this show is bullshit,, no one around here acts like this or hunt like these fools do on this show,,, i’m sure that the people in the cities do take all of this to be true cuz they don’t know any diff from what they see in this show,,

  16. From an Alaskan mountain man’s perspective, we would call anyone who takes this seriously a real rube. Those old fools no nothing about the woods and wouldn’t survive a week up here without being killed by a moose or a bear. That 450 lb kid couldn’t walk across my property without his heart giving out. Good laugh for those boys though…and good payday off of the stupidity. of that American public.

  17. As a native of WV., this show is an embarrassment to our state.

    A must see episode for me would be when the WVDNR writes these goofballs up.

    • I live in point pleasant wv and most of their info on the moth man is bull and it hasn’t been any “sitings” in 38 years and they have two in one episode. Lol

  18. If these guys were really hunting these “monsters” why not set up a whole bunch of trail cams and leave them for a few weeks and try to see it first hand. No that wouldn’t be exciting tv would it. I wonder why no one has ever found the carcass of one of these “monsters” once they die… sickness or old age? Just makes no sense.

  19. this is whats wrong with america. Here you have an illegal Kenyan for a president that is singl handedly ruining the healthcare system and economy in america and anything else he can get his muslim hands on and everybody is more concerned with entertainment.

  20. Reffering to this program as entertainment is a egregious misnomer. At best it could be classified as amusement albeit grossly limited !!! From the beginning TV has had the opportunity to educate. Some networks have done a excellant job while others have sunk to the lowest common denominator…motivated by greed !!!…If anyone chooses to watch this tripe it’s their business but it is doubtful they will learn anything of value…Programs like this will play themselves out and will be relaced by other worthless matter…Ask yourself, who do you trust ???!!!

  21. funny show these guys crack me up,

  22. Of course its fake. But so is bigfoot, trolls and unicorns. Reminds me of the WWF. What amazes me is that bigfoot nerds get so offended when they are called fakes, yet they have no issue calling others fake. ITS ALL FAKE.

  23. Amen just let it go Bigfoot is as fake as santaclaus and to tell u the truth so is God and any one that believes any different is just stuck in the middle of human evolution.the human brain makes up more nonsense to justify something it cant explain ie,God Bigfoot chupacabras lake monsters the government of America,everyone would be better off to use common sense like why do we pay taxes to our government to just spend like a greedy corrupt organization that it is no one will ever live to see the day we get our debt even close to being in control. Bigfoot is a scared thought.God is humans scared of dieing and other humans greedy corrupt ones way back in the day saying u better behave and believe in my magic man in the sky or u will burn in hell….I mean come on people! Just get out work hard help people who would do the same for u and maybe sasquatch wont kill u and u die and go to hell where a devil is waiting with a pitchfork to punish u .I am proud to live in America but I see it for it is a good idea that had good intentions but went to crap .

  24. Humans are greedy by nature believe anything and are followers there are some good people but very few just like the idea of America we wanted to get away from s king telling us what to do and where to live ask the natives what they think if there was a hell volcanos would be erupting humans !

  25. Just started watching – realized they never catch anything

  26. If they’re perpetrating a fraud, can’t the producers be sued? Unless this show has some kind of disclaimer at the beginning, such as, “the following is a dramatization of real eyewitness accounts”, they are out-and-out frauds and should be subject to legal action, in my opinion.

  27. No one goes into the woods hunting for WHATEVER and makes contact with their intended target EVERYTIME!

  28. I was wondering the same as everyone else these guys are dumb as hell when it comes to hunting and trapping.but they must know something or someone we don’t cause they are making the jack off of that stupid shit.i am from tenn and have hunted all my life.i can tell u straight they don’t have a clue in the woods.like the episode when the one guys hogs were getting killed u would think the logical thing to do would be sitting quitetly and still watching the pigs waiting on whats killing them to kill it rather than be walking circles around the farm scaring everything off.oh thats right they were baiting it with their livestock that they were not watching! I call bullshit no matter how many times u polish a terd its still a piece of shit like this show!

  29. bunch of dumb ass’s with guns running around rthe woods at night scared of their own shadows. You watch, someone going to get hurt over these dumb as waving guns around like they were rubber bands

  30. I live in WV for me its boring because I can’t take any of it seriously and they always see what they look for which just doesn’t happen. Any type of sighting of something rare and unusual is usually when people do not expect it. People I know also unless they see something they rarely even consider believing it, they believe everything and always find it lol. What would be funny is on one of their escapades they saw something REAL and scared the SH** out of them lol. Most of the creatures they have been after I have not heard of like Devil Dog, WV Yahoo lol. I have heard Wild man. I always heard Yahoos as H**L Raisers or just people shouting out Yahoo like after watching a game or partying with friends and out shouting.

  31. Just stumbled across this show tonight. Someone tell me how a pack of yelling, hollering, floundering fat dudes smashing around in the woods at night is remotely “realistic.” I could feel my IQ slipping and finally changed the channel.


  32. I watched the Yahoo episode last night. It was beyond stupid. At one point a “Yahoo” yelled like 50 feet from them and you could tell is was just some WV redneck yelling – either one of their crew or some local yocals playing with them – either way it as dumb – embarrassing actually.

    But then again Duck Dynasty is just as dumb and just as low level redneck and look how popular it is. Makes you worry about how low the collective IQ of the country is. The same country that was dumb enough to elect Obama – twice! I rest my case.

  33. This show is like the 3 stooges go hunting for monsters in the woods at night,with loaded guns.You will NEVER see them catch anything.These “EXPERTS” are 6 bungling buffoons.Each one has a certain specialty supposedly. At each episode’s end all you get is woulda,shoulda and coulda.These 6 fools will never get anything but hurt.Stay out of the woods boys.The network exec’s are making a lot of money,I mean a lot of money at your expense.One question.Blank ammo?

  34. I think the show is a riot. I laugh through the whole thing. Actually, the traps are impressive, even if they never catch anything. The other show I enjoy is “Finding Bigfoot”, which they never do, but that has returned for several seasons, and will probably be back next year. I fully expect to see another season of Mountain Monsters.

  35. I agree.There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode.C’mon a short morbidly obese “tracker” if you will,is going to be in stealth mode,hunting anything anywhere.

  36. Wish they would take a whole season and just catch one mountain monster!

  37. Speaking is stupidity. Ever heard of proof reading?

  38. What is there to proofread genius?


  40. I can’t wait for the episode when they start throwing pies in each others faces.When the monster shows up they throw a pie at it too.As the monster wipes the pie from his face the fat boy spins 360’s on the ground goin Woop Woop Woop Woop Woop.

  41. “Don’t look in his eyes!” “We’ll get the s.o.b.!” Trapper

    Loved the ‘Grassman’ episode with the shot of Huckleberry’s toenails!..rat toenails! Needs a grinder!

    Buck will have a heart attack.

    Ooh rah bro, the ol marine will git ‘er done bro! Wild Bill,
    His English is so garbled, he needs to be subtitled!

    Willie, the trap builder fails to catch anything.

    Jeff plays hangman with himself while pretending to take notes.

    I love the show, hope they walk up & down every holler in WV.

    • Thank you recoatlift.I thaught the note taker was playin tic tac toe.For what it’s worth,the show is extremely amusing.My kids like to goof on it too.

  42. best thing that could ever happen to that show!

  43. Love the show fake or not. I have seen bigfoot in the forests of mt St. Helens after the. Mountain exploded. It is called scoogimm forest on the southwest. Side of the mountain . Mountain monsters should investigate out of their safety zone and go to different locations . Pastor hartwell

  44. Why do all the animal growls all sound alike?every animal has it’s own voice.

  45. The last time I went hunting with someone swinging there gun around the way they do, I smacked him took the gun , and made sure it wasn’t loaded and kept the dam ammo on myself, and you would think that with every hunt they hear or see something they would have every hunter or hunters on tv wanting to go with them to assist in catching one of these critters, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he has to build a different trap every show, seems they would have captured something by now if it were real , just saying

  46. You better shut the hell up about hillbillies b/c by god when the government fails yuns will all regret that shit

  47. Question. What has 14 teeth and an aggregate IQ of 20?
    Answer.The AIMS team.

  48. It is so fake camera guys shaking trees the 2 guys building traps are not very good I beleive I would find someone else to build my traps do not think this show will make another season I do not they could trap a squirel the Marine drives me crazy watching him with his arms frailing around thanks for your service but get control of yourself I watched my last show Friday night

  49. My boyfriend and I are both from West Virginia but live out of state now. When we found out there was a show about monster hunting in the mountain state we were pumped!
    Ok, so questioning the legitimacy of the show isn’t even necessary. Mainly because it freakin hilarious. We can almost predict what’s going to happen…monster sitings conveniently a month or less prior to the crew arriving, talking to the witnesses, finding a foot print then seeing a photo and/or video. Our favorite part is betting if there will be a “nest” or not. The wolfman had one PLUS a “howling rock”. The best one yet is the fire dragon…a REPTILE that lives in the rivers and goes crazy when he’s around a fire (because he can finallllly heat up his body enough to destroy campsites). Then there’s Wild Bill that sounds like Boomhauer from King of the Hill on crack. Totally love his hoo-raaaas!!! We have considered making it a drinking game…every time “summbitch” is used or “what was that?” I don’t think it gives us West Virginians a bad name. Hell, we know were mountain folk and it’s awesome. Long beards, clean cut, bad teeth, bleached and capped, hunters, vegans, moonshiners, wine drinkers, banjo pickers, classically trained musicians, book educated or just learning from one generation to the next. We’re a mixed bag and it’s all good! What better way to celebrate that than by watching some hilarious stuff a bunch of good old boys are doing on TV? Especially if one reminds you of your “Uncle Pickle”. Yes. I have an Uncle Pickle. Life is too short! Grab yourself a cold one and give a hoo-rah and cheers to them summbitches next time they’re on! Yahoooooooooooo!

  50. I was born and raised in the east.I love the southern states.Most people in the south are warm and friendly.Been there many times,met a lot of people.However i’ve never met anyone like the bozos on mountain monsters.Bill the “expert” tracker could”nt track a squirrel to i’ts nest.He’s going to wind up killin himself,or someone else with his foolish jacked-up antic’s. How the network found these totally incompetent woodsmen is anybody’s guess.


  52. HI everyone,this is the Fire Monster from Pochantas County checkin in. How’s everyone doin? Outsmarted those dumb bastards I did. They,or anyone else who pursue’s me day or night will never get me.You see, I ca’nt get caught. You know why,well Im goin to let y’all in on a lil secret….shhhh don’t tell nobody I EFFING DON’T EXIST. Sorry to disappoint y’all but thats the truth. Sorry.

  53. Many hundreds of years ago I had a big party in the northwoods.I invited many of the forest critters.We had a blast. We were dancin in the moonlight til the break of dawn.We also intermingled.That’s why there’s a sheepsquatch. There is also a squirrelsquatch a birdsquatch and a possumsquatch etc.I’m sure you will wait with anticipation for them to come find us too.

  54. Omg lmao. Trapper got pissed on by the Sheepsquatch. “It burnnnns it burnnnns!”
    Hilarious. We were dying.

  55. I’m in…

  56. I’m in…

  57. Give a time and address and I’ll be the monster…
    I’m so wanting to do this, it’ll be fun(nny).

  58. Count me in.

  59. There a very nice drink I made from a friendly but gullible fella`…I`m drinking it now…a cool glass of Lemonsquatch.

  60. hey squatch,how’s it hangin.Can’t wait til they come lookin for me.I heard sheep pissed in someones eyeballs.I also heard that he dropped a deuce on his head too, they did’nt show that part on TV.Sheep also kicked the fat boy down a hill and he rolled like a bowlin ball.He looks like a big ol pumpkin with a pea for a head! Well gotta go.Got some hunters to scare the crap out of.Stay in touch My e-mail is bbear/holler.com

  61. That wild bill guy needs subtitles when he talks.The AIMS teams ancestors must have been scouts in the Civil War, that’s probably why we lost One thing”s for sure…those inbred bastard’s are funny as hell.This is the funniest comedy show I have ever seen.

  62. This series should be on the Disney Channel.I’ts like the WWE There is’nt a shred of reality on this show. At best,i’ts a comedy.In this case i’ts purely entertainment.No one will ever get hurt or find whatever “monster”they set out to look for.You can take that to the bank! I have nothing agin west verginies.I got kin there.

  63. Anyone expecting snow next week? Wondering if god hates us here near the border .

  64. It’s like scobby do without the monster. Great show. But they need more cameras at the traps. Come on make it more fun.

  65. Hey y’all lets see if they catch the dreaded Kentucky Hellhound tonite.Does’nt matter how many cameras are anywhere.The producers will make sure that there are plenty of sound effect’s and pathetically suspenseful background music.Two second vague video’s,vague pictures,highlighted footprint’s.C’mon Destination America.Do you think we are all Freaking Morons.Do the right thing DA,do the right thing.

  66. Are you kidding?
    Where did you get your evidence for the “community” of BF huntes/believers?
    From the same TV, that’s where.

    Of all the BF shows out there there have been but a pittance of shows that even attempt to approach the BF story with any modicum of scientific inquiry.

    This “Mountain Monsters” show in particular isn’t funny. It may be comical because of how stupid it really is. But the big problem with shows like this is that they are promoted as “real” and based on “reality”, when in fact they are produced, scripted, edited, and sold as real. That’s patently dishonest and the FCC should start to look into these shows that don’t put a disclaimer on the screen to let viewers know that it’s not based on actual reality, but on stories of events. This show isn’t even based on actual events as they edit in growls, wing flaps, footprints, glowing eyes, thrown rocks, etc…
    They even use high tech expensive night vision and thermal camera’s pretending what we’re seeing is real.
    It’s absolutely ludicrous that shows like this are allowed to promote themselves as real, with actual real events being shown to the audience.

    Every time this acting troop goes on a “hunt” they always get all kinds of secondary evidence, more than what other shows do.

    That network should be ashamed of themselves.
    But until some legal entity forces them to come clean with actual real evidence that they are not scripting and editing, then they will continue to do this form of straight up lying.

    It’s not funny that the American people are being lied too even if they are allowing themselves to believe it.
    Without a disclaimer many people will believe what they are seeing as it’s promoted as real and factual.

    Most people don’t know how video production works, but if you look at how they shoot this show, you’ll see camera angles the put the camera person between the “hunters” and the “monster” they are hunting. The hunters act like they are cautious and scared to run in to where the “monster” is, but the camera person is always bold and willing to put him/her self between the hunters and the monsters.
    Yeah right, that’ll happen if these monsters were actually real.

    These types of shows are the modern equivalent of travelling “freak” shows that promoted that only they had real monsters and they are in their tents. And for a low cost you can witness these oddities of nature. These modern shows are nothing different than those shams of the past.
    Given how many people watch these ridiculous “reality” shows just shows that even though much of our society has advanced greatly over the past couple of centuries, way too many people still live in a world of winged devil’s flying around in forests with glowing red eyes, or a BLUE furred “Hell Hound” that eats farmers live stock.

    It’s plain NOT funny, and it needs to stop, or force them to put up a disclaimer that they are scripting, editing, and adding sound and video effects of things that were NOT created by actual monsters.

  67. It’s NOT real, don’t even kid yourself.

    As for Big Foot, that potential hominid is starting to be studied by actual scientists.
    Until we get concrete proof BF, it remains not real as well.

  68. That’s exactly what shows like this should be forced to do.

    Being amusing, funny, and simply stereotyping our southern citizens may make for mindless TV viewing, but promoting the show as actually being real, that has to stop.
    If people are watching this show just for the humor, then it shouldn’t matter to them if there is a disclaimer.
    But giving the impression of these events being real of unreal is why a lot of people watch, even if they claim they don’t believe what they are watching.
    Force them to put up a disclaimer, and let’s see if their ratings remain.

    I blame WWE type wrestling entertainment for some of the dumb-ing of America, because too many think those wrestling matches are real.
    By allowing that idiocy to be promoted as real set the stage for the current crop of “reality” shows that are produced, scripted, and edited by professional production crews.

    Colt Straub is the executive producer of this show.
    He needs to come clean, and be forced to add a disclaimer. Instead, now they’ve added an “interview” to this show where Straub asks them cue card written questions about their wacky expeditions.

    Yes, I have watched these shows and do look in from time to time even though I know they are fake.
    Why? Because that’s who I know what I’m talking about. If one is going to criticize something, then they should have some experience with it.

  69. Kudos to you tt!

  70. A. A’holes
    I. In
    M. Mountain
    S. Surroundings

  71. The Straub brothers,Brian Phenix & Co.have perpetrated
    one of the biggest hoaxes on TV.Their “hit” show
    Mountain Monsters is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.
    You clowns,(besides the ones on the show) follow in
    P.T.Barnums Footsteps.There’s a sucker born every
    minute.I Don’t know if you have ever read these post’s

  72. The Straub brothers,Brian Phenix & Co.have perpetrated
    one of the biggest hoaxes on TV.Their “hit” show
    Mountain Monsters is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.
    You clowns,(besides the ones on the show) follow in
    P.T.Barnums Footsteps.There’s a sucker born every
    minute.I Don’t know if you have ever read these post’s.

  73. A real Hillbilly wouldn’t be caught dead acting as stupid as they do. It’s a TV show, folks. Nothing real about it, period.


  75. Quit pissing and moaning like you expected that there was really a 7 foot long Lizard Demon, or a human moth that brought down the Silver Bridge. You all act like you just lost your best friend. Just like Duck Bigotry, Gold Flush, Lizard Lick Towing, Finding Bigmouth, and even Swamp People, these shows are all staged and scripted. It’s called entertainment, and either you watch it, or you change the channel. It beats America has Talent and the evening news. Just quit crying like you just found out that there is no Sheepsquatch. Christ, I can’t believe I had to write this.

  76. You rock Terd Desolver! I totally agree, long time coming. And I love the show, it’s just entertainment. The world is full of travesties that deserve time and energy to be angry at.

    ***You can’t believe you had to comment and I can’t believe I had to say “You rock Terd Desolver!”. Lol. ;)

  77. Do you like watching paint dry as well.

  78. I think that your cranium is the most likely place for turds to be dissolved.Monsters included.

  79. I agree also I have heard about what moonshine does to you

  80. Survivorman,Les Stroud is currently on his own quest to find Bigfoot.It will certainly be interesting if he find’s anything at all.His credential’s are very credible.His show is straightforward.Let’s see what he find’s.Believe me,he is very skeptical with this subject matter.

  81. This is ridiculous a bunch of duck dynasty wannabes. This is not entertainment at all. I mean come on, what kind of credentials does it take to be a gun packing, overweight, toothless, hillbilly. Ahhhhhh ha ha I really hope this is the only season produced.

  82. I just wanna see the eoisode where they hunt the pussy popn possum gator.

  83. The only monsters you would find on this show is if somebody tried combing their beards! Who knows what’s living in there!! BEARDSQUATCH!!

  84. Sad thing is these idiots actually get paid!

  85. I seen me some “Suckersquatches”, they was watchin’ this show!!! ………..Pull this crap off the air!!!

  86. My doctor forbids me from watching this show. It always gives me severe case of “butt pucker.”

  87. Next week the boys finally get serious. They go hunt’en for women !!!!

    • I bet they don’t get a sniff of a women either. Wonder what kind of trap Willy and Wild Bill will set to catch a Gal. I would use Buck as bait……

  88. Here’s an idea. Get that little fat guy naked, dip him in Bar-B-Q sauce and we’ll see what comes look’en for him.

  89. I thought the monsters would like him done extry crispy style.Fat boy is enough bait to catch monsters anywhere on this planet…that is,if’n they exist.

  90. Next week the boys invade Sesame Street. Look out, Cookie Monster!!!!!

  91. Ya,dat vas a goot one.You Amerikans are very particular about your Monsters und the volk dat hunt them.I won’t be back!

  92. I enjoy watching Mountain Monsters. It’s no more fake than professional wrestling or that old-time religion…

  93. The show is so dumb it’s funny,the fat 400pounder always falling because he’s overweight,never catches the monster,either the trap is torn up or something,oh they did catch some dogs one time & said the devil dog was too smart to be caught,lol. 5 idiot’s with guns & lieing through there teeth about seeing monsters,good show for 5-8 yr olds.Im guilty,I watch some just to see the trap & it’s funnyier than hell.

    • Yeah,I’m too smart to get caught.The first thing is,you gotta be in stealth mode and very patient to catch me.I heard these dimwits 4 miles away with all the racket they made.All the monster’s in the wood’s hid behind tree’s shook their head’s and laughed when they opened the trap they set for me did’nt have me in it.We monster’s feel very secure knowing this,if these are the best tracker’s you got we ain’t got nothing to worry about.

  94. The show is quite entertaining. So fake and full of drama you can’t quit laughing hysterically at their over the top antics. Flood lights lighting the woods up like a Friday night football game and a pack of guys yelling like a herd of Banshees is a fumbling disaster at best. Professional trappers,..hunters,… Not hardly! Rather comedic redneck antics on roids.

  95. There are so many things wrong with what you just said. You ignorant, conceiting, sad anonymous man. I can’t even.. People are so quick to point the finger, why don’t you go live in the appalacian mountains for a couple weeks and tell me after if you know for sure you were alone.

    • You need to learn how to spell,MM and spending a night in the mountain”s is the least of your concern. Were you drinkin shine son,posting at 2:45 am.I’ts guy’s like you that make us redneck’s look bad.Stay off the shine and get your GED!

  96. Tru west virginian boys hhahahaha

  97. I’ts really 6 idiot’s,not 5….just sayin…you’re on the right track though.

    • You take that back Coon-Dog. Trapper is not an idiot, he’s the leader and what keep’s us in line!

      “Oo-rah bro. Oo-rah, Ha! Come get ya some of this, ya ol’ Wampus Beast. Ha! oo-rah bro! The ol’ Marine will get ‘er done! ” Wild Bill

      • I speak the truth.Trapper leadin that band of morons is nothing more than the blind leadin the blind.oo-rah bro,you do know this show is a spoof,right?When I did my time in the service the motivating chant was Hoo-Rah.This show..huh..is the best thing..huh..that ever happened..huh..to Wild Bill..huh.Unbelievable.Remember now it’s Hoo-Rah not oo-rah..huh.

      • You’re right oo-rah bro.Trapper is’nt an idiot.
        HE’S AN ASSHOLE!!!!

  98. Sad to see ol’ Wild Bill get put on ‘double secret probation by Trapper.

    “Huckleberry! Stop Wild Bill ! Hell, he’s done run the Bear- Beast out of the county !” Trapper

    “Oo-rah bro! Oo-rah, Ha !” Just glad to be back on the TEAM! Oo-rah bro. Oo-rah, Ha!”

  99. The origin of: “OO-rah!”

    A Soldier, Sailor, and Airman walk into a bar. They make a bet with the bartender that they can each drink a keg of beer and make it with the hottest girl in the room in one hour. The Bartender says ok and gives them the key to the back room and one keg each. The Airman goes in with the hottest girl. After one hour the Bartender walks into the room to find the keg bearly touched, the woman untouched, and the Airman blacked out. The bartender says next and the Sailor attempts. This time when the bartender walks in, the keg is half empty and the sailor is blacked out. The woman still untouched. Next up is the soldier, after an hour the bartender walks in to find all three kegs empty, the woman ravished and bearly able to walk, but the soldier is beaten in the corner. The bartender wakes the soldier up and asked him what happened. The soldier responded by saying, A man came in drank everything, beat me silly, and made love to the woman, then jumped out of the window and yelled Ooooh Raaaah!!

    “Trapper, we found the Grass-Mans nest! There blood everywhere! Send back-up!” Buck

  100. I hope the link opens fer ya Coon-Dog…or anyone else wishing to read a bit of the ‘o Devil Dog site.
    link http://www.grunt.com/corps/scuttlebutt/marine-corps-stories/ooh-rah/

    “Oo-rah Bro! Oo-rah! Willie’s got a 12x12x12 hair-trigger set to go fer the ol’ Sheepsquatch. Trapper still can’t see like before! That sum bitch gonna get some heat, some ol’ hot lead for the ol’ Ha, ha Mr. Sheepsquatch!” Wild Bill

    • Wild Bill,here’s a link for you.
      Go to bing,access http:/www.military.answers.com>marineshoo-rah.Check the second one down.Coon Dog has no beef with a former brother in arms.

  101. This show is just pathetic if they think any1 is taking it for real. I live in WV in a small town called New Haven rite down the road from Point Pleasant and I know for a fact that there hasn’t been any Mothman sightings in over 40yrs. All these idiots are doing is running through the woods with guns screaming and shooting at nothing. It makes me so mad as a proud West Virginian that these idiots are doing this just 2 b on tv and making all of us look stupid. I have grown up in the woods hunting and fishing although I have never seen or herd anythin around here that I couldn’t explain I have had an experience in Hardy co WV that still gives me the chills just thinking about it. I guarantee tho that these idiots running around the woods making more noise than a herd of elephants will never have any kind of experience with a squirrel let alone any kind of unexplained creature. Please people quit watching this ridiculous show so they will cancel it and quit giving us true hillbillies a bad name.

    • Your real “Monster” is Straub.When not lookin all scruffy for tv he’s clean shaven back at the office.A true hunter? I think not.Just smoke and mirrors.What a phony!

  102. Screw u. These guys r nothing like true West Virginian. Its such a shame that this is the impression people get of us. Maybe try actually coming here b4 u make assumptions

  103. I live in New Haven and I completely agree with u. This show needs canceled immediately so these idiots will quit giving us true hillbillies a bad name

  104. Yeah…youse all like “The Rifleman” eh ?

  105. The Rifleman was from out west u twit. I can see how that would b confusing 2 a peon but even though our state has west in our name believe it or not our state is in the east. So try again buddy

  106. Come find me in the bayou boy’s.I’ve been here a long time.I can’t stay the same shape …hafta keep shiftin,that’s what make’s me so challengin.I hope to see y’all next season,down here,in the swamp.Make sure you bring the fat one.The gators would sure appreciate it.

  107. Ain’t nuthin out there,been lookin a long time too.You can all sleep easier knowin there just ain’t nuthin out there. Nighty night.

  108. bobo,

    Im curious what your thoughts are on Sasquatch Ontario’s research. Pretty far out stuff.


    • You’re right about far out stuff,in fact very far out.The creature you refer to as bigfoot is not indigenous to your planet,Earth.Our planet is called Tonkyr.We are in the Dramelin Galaxy billion’s of light year’s away.The creature is a breed we call the Yusari.The Yusari’s sole purpose is to gather environmental information and stay out of sight.The Yusari mean no harm.We pick them up and send them back after we retrieve their information.We do have an ulterior motive.I can not explain now.

  109. “Klaatu barada nikto”

  110. I agree, if I came that close I would stick around. Cant believe these guys have ever caught or killed anything. Are the beards even real??

  111. This show should only be taken for it’s amusement value.MM is a total fabrication of myth and bullshit.
    Their legerdemain of the old smoke and mirror routine is pathetic.I pity the fool who believe’s any of this show is in any way,shape or form true.It’s not a “Reality” show nor is it an “Adventure”show.It should be categorized as Family Comedy,nothing more.Shame on Straub and DA!

  112. Move over Abbott&Costello,Laurel&Hardy and the Three Stooges.The best comedy team of the 21st century bar none is the AIMS team.I applaud Destination America for bringing what I call the Mountain Monster Comedy Hour into our homes for an hour a week.The Munsters aint got nuthin on you!

  113. Show is fun to watch, but fake. Big cat episode from NC, you could see the string attached to the goat when it dropped from the floor above.

  114. you are so right

  115. I damned near pissed my pant’s laughing so hard when we saw the goat drop with the string’s attached.Also the unrecognizable image’s from the tree-cam that fat boy set up were hilarious.I love it when they hear a suspicious noise and they all turn around in unison ready to shoot.What could they possibly harm shooting blank ammo.MM is a riot!

  116. Best comedy on TV! If the 6 stooges were true mountain men, they’d know an animal would not come near a bunch of noise making people with lights, let alone a film crew.

  117. I’m not saying that there aren’t any elusive cryptid’s out there, but if there are,Trapper,Fatso,Santa+2 other Doofuses and an unintelligible ex-marine sure in hell ain’t going to find them.

  118. This Wild Bill character was in the Marines? He might have been ,who know’s.The script say’s that he worked for the Power Co. for 30 years.One would think after listening to all of his hoo-rah’s that he was a lifer who just retired.Wild bill I appreciate your enthusiasm but there is something wrong with you.You didn’t get out on a section 8 did you?

  119. Well that explains Wild Bill’s speech patterns & spastic body movements. 30 yrs. with a power co. will do that to ya!

    He’s fallen off one too many trees, power poles & electrocuted…Oo-rah bro, oo-rah, ha!

    “%^*damnit Bill, get back here!!” Trapper

  120. OK,let’s say that WB’s reason for being half-baked is power line related.What about the other 5.They seem too stupid to have ever held a job anywhere.Let’s face it,gun props,blank ammo etc.Stupidity,ignorance,poor production (on DA’s Part) make MM what it is…total B#&LS^&T.To quote what someone said…”If there is something “Out There” those 6 cretins will never find it”!

  121. Once again the 6 inbred imbeciles were foiled.This time by the Shadow Creature of Braxton County.Stupidity,Bullshit and Slap in your face Ignorance abound on MM.Shameless!

  122. This show kills me. Will they just kill something already!!! There r no laws against them killing big foot or any other creature they r looking for. I’m waiting for them to shoot each other on accident lol

    • I would like to see them shoot each other too. Can’t kill anybody with dummy round’s.They would never air that show anyway if it did happen.Too much to hope for friend.

  123. During the “Shadow Monster”episode one of the producer’s of the show ‘held court” so to speak with the boy’s.Colt,the producer is as much of a hunter and woodsman as Donald F#$&*#g Trump.Asking loaded question’s and hearing about their encounter’s with fictitious forest dwelling entity’s. I have a question,if the show is real why don’t they stay in one spot and catch the Monster that just eluded them?The show is a howl.It’s as stupid as the 6 boy’s are stupid looking!!!

  124. The Cave Creature stunk! If you guys can’t produce more creative work, there will be no season 3.

    You acting was atrocious, even Wild Bill was off his game & Willie was reduced to snare traps!.

    I expect better from the A.I.M. team. Now get it together or the paychecks will stop!

    • Are you kiddin me runnin outta names? There will definitely be a season 3.Despite the lack of reality and all the “BS” this show imparts, it’s a “Cash Cow” for Destination America.How anyone can defend the credibility of this show is beyond me,other than watching it for it’s pure comedic value.

  125. Wish I made their money .They are laughing all the way to bank LOL Bill is the only reason I watch.. They will go down the tube as DUCK DYNISTY SEEMS TO BE GOING. GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR MAKING A LOT OF MONEY.

    • I got nothing against these yahoo’s makin a buck or two.I’d be out there too makin a damn fool of myself if the network is going to line my overall pocket’s with cash.The question is,how much cash? A couple of hundred each an episode? Or maybe a new side by side (as they call it)? One other question? How is Wild Bill in any way,shape,or form an expert anything other than a damn unintelligible fool? I guess when the show started the producer said…Bill you will be the “Expert Tracker”, Buck you will be the “Rookie” and so on.

  126. Count me in!! LOL

  127. There’s no live ammunition in their guns. These guys are a bunch of fat clowns. It wouldn’t take anyone with at least a half a brain to know within the first five minutes of the first show that this is a joke.

  128. “There’s more’n one Yahoo in these woods!”

    Yeah. I seen five rietch ‘ere!

  129. I think this show is a fake due to the fact they seem to have experiences all the time, I do a lot of skywatches over 30 years and I only seen a couple of ‘strange’ object that I couldn’t explain. Also if you want to believe in shows, they are the only one that gets evidence each time they go out, not like Finding Bigfoot or Destination Truth. I wish there were better shows on about this subject like Find Bigfoot, Fact or Fake or Destination Truth etc.


  130. the A.I.M. team were once ‘rasslers in a parallel universe ran by Vince McMahon.

  131. Out of curiosity I did a Bio. on these asshole’s individually and you know what I found?….NOTHING!! All i saw were individual photo’s.Wild Bill’s profile described his “Marine Like Attitude”and that’s all.Hey Wild Bill…how many year’s were you in,if any? I have a hard time buying your corps time…just doesn’t add up,just like the rest of your inbred buddies Bios.Fake credential’s = Fake show.No Bios.= Fake show.Wild Bill,please don’t embarrass us anymore than you already have.I only wonder if you ever saw combat?

  132. you are a moron. Just saying.

  133. I love this show. Especially Buck.He is like a big sexy Teddybear.

    • Why don’t you two get together,his clothes would probably fit you too. I can just picture it….2 tons of fun.I hear Buck like’s them big ole “Sweat-Hogs.”Maybe the AIMS boy’s will try trackin down the “Sweat-Hog” of “Stinky Holler” next season. Just sayin.

  134. Tonite’s show is the Bloodless Howler of Harrison County.I think their runnin outta name’s for title’s.

  135. The Bloodless Howler?! Sounds like my ex has moved to Harrison Co. Bless her heart!

    I agree on the runnin’ out of names. After the Snallygaster, things ain’t been the same.

    I wish we had a creature in Roane Co. WV.
    Maybe the A.I.M. team could hunt down the Meth cookers & Pill Heads…got beau-coup of them here.
    Yeah, I think that would be a great episode.

    “We’re gonna get that sumbitch!” Trapper

  136. I have laughed myself silly just reading the reviews of this nutty show. Thank God these people are not from
    Kentucky. I can’t believe that I keep watching the show but it is so ridiculous and amusing that I can’t
    Stop. I guess I’m as simple minded as the men on
    The show . Keep writing your reviews! I love them!

  137. You ain’t simple minded,look at the post’s on this website.Half of the people like this show,the other half don’t.One thing I think we can all agree on is that MM is a hilarious hour of TV.Is the show a hoax? Yes.

    • “Huckleberry, you said, “Hogzilla has 12″ tusks”
      Trapper you & Wild Bill were gonna skin Hogzilla & BBQ him. Hogzilla my dyin’ ass, that was my hog, he was on my own land!

      Instead, you freaks trapped & traumatized my prized domesticated boar. I use him for breeding & county fairs, now he just sulks around when in the company of our sows. He ain’t good for nothin’. You ruint him!

      You best lawyer up! Sorry bunch of no good egg suckin’ gutter trash!”


  138. C’mon,C’mon folk’s.No matter who post’s here or for what reason…Y’all can’t stop watching can you.You get the same formula every episode.Six inbred’s (actually 4,the other 2 are not in the truck cause Buck take’s up most of the space in the back seat so they are hoofin it I guess) take a road trip.They get “Eye Witness”account’s,stories and questionable photo’s.They build trap’s from Fred Flintstone’s trap manual and then wonder how the “Big One” got away.Thing’s ain’t gonna change.The formula is working for now.The only thing their getting are huge rating’s.

  139. I know the show is real . Anyone – just study the faces of the men when they get into a tight spot. I love this show. It is exciting , funny, entertaining, and educational. I think it is one of the best shows ever. I have both a Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work. I think this qualifies me to say “Hoorah” !!!

  140. Sharon,Sharon,Sharon; You know they’re acting,right? We all like the show although it’s a “Put-On”.I have 3 kid’s, 11,9 &6 and they,( as young as they are) found fault with the first show. They enjoy goofing on the bungling buffoon’s.

  141. Actually chaps the gentlemen are all English RADA trained Shakespearean act-tors.

    Wild Bill recently played to packed houses here in the title roll of MacBeth.

    We were rather upset at always being cast as the villains in US films so we considered it payback time.

  142. Dear Sir, It was very crass of you to put your “Brute” actor’s in the same category as Academy Trained Actors.”Bollocks” I say! Their acting is Horrible! These six “Blokes” need an acting tutorial as well as you need a spelling tutorial. Good Day Chap.

  143. I can assure you, dear colonial, that our UK classical act-tors are far superior to your common or garden actors.

    I hate to bring up that infamous moment on the London stage when Robert De Niro in the role of Polonius in “Hamlet” stepped from behind the arras and confronted Lawrence Olivier in the title role with the line “you talkin’ to me” and laid him out cold on stage.

    Completely ruined the plot flow though the shoot-out at the end was well-staged and the audience casualties were kept to a minimum. Thank Christ it wasn’t Bruce Willis !

    Trust you’ve dumped that Juliet broad. Told you before it was all gonna end in tears.


    • tsk tsk,the line’s in your Hamlet are anachronistically incorrect.Please do more research.Perhaps you could view Mean Streets.Robert DeNiro Does an excellent portrayal of Johnny Boy.Unfortunately,for you, there is an absence of Mountain Monsters in that film. Good Day.

  144. I thought this show was real until I watched the Lizard Demon episode.When they shot their shotguns and I saw no ejection of shells…mmmm Every show the monster eludes the hunters.The Monster’s can see in total pitch black darkness…mmmm.Don’t mess with the Monster’s boy’s.I have a feeling that their a lot smarter than you will ever live to be.

  145. I honestly think it is fake… They run around screaming.. For one, screaming like that, anything that MIGHT be there is going to run away… Plus the traps they build… Anything that they MIGHT catch always gets away somehow or another… They are seriously going to hurt someone…( if they even have real bullets or shells in their guns…). The screaming that they do is enough to get on anyone’s nerves. I think with the 500 channels I have I can find something more interesting to watch.

  146. I’m in

  147. I kinda agree.Pound for pound this show beat’s those show’s hand’s down even if they build their trap’s from Fred Flintstone’s “How To Build a Trap” manual.I wonder how much it cost them to rent a Berkshire Pig for the Hogzilla episode.I love the show but there is one thing I have to say to the producer of this show…Colt,we (the viewer’s) aren’t all as stupid as you look!!

  148. I agree with David ! This show is fake reality ! But, must admit, …., quite funny. Love it when they start yelling and running, like any creature wouldn’t take off from all that noise !

  149. I’m sure it was just an unsuccessful endeavour by dear Robert to reinterpret the role to take account of the Italian-American community which Shakespeare had singularly failed to do, apart from of course the “Mobster of Venice” which has sadly now been eclipsed by that play of very similar title.

    You may point to Mean Streets, where Robert does his best to move in some form of rhythmic coordination to the Miracles’ “Mickey’s Monkey”, but compared to Sir John Gielgud’s stint as the lead singer of the Temptations after David Ruffin’s sad departure it is plainly evident that the English act-tor is far more accomplished.

    Your inability to grasp these simple truths leads me to the conclusion that you yourself, despite the nom-de-plumes, must be one of those hillybilly persons and so I hope you have a niece day today as at least it will give your cousin a rest.

  150. Cant watch it. PLEASE somebody give these redneck hillbillies a toothbrush.

    Yes, Its just entertainment….but…WOW…pretty gross.

  151. Alas poor Rod, your drivel is reminiscent of the Chips singing Rubber Bisqu

  152. The 2 of you are both Wankers.Either stop the BS or a pox will befall the lot of you!

  153. As we have just received a kick up the Corialanus from Anonymous I guess we need to terminate our brief but intense relationship.

    Thanks a lot for Chips reference. Track was used on an ad here and I had no luck in finding out what it was. You’ve sorted that for me. Know a little about R&B/Doo-wop but more into soul music.

    Anonymous – we were just joshing.

    The whole Mountain Monsters phenomena lends itself to humour ?

    MM is entertaining bo**ocks” and to those who think it makes the US look bad or that it stereotypes sections of US society then I think people are more media savvy nowadays. It is playing with the genre.

    To me, as an outsider,the guys involved come over well. Adults doing what they may have wanted to do as kids. We all yearn for an escape from the humdrum. And let’s face it it’s preferable to the portrayals in “Deliverance”

    Just discovered “America Unearthed” on UK cable TV, a similar blending resulting in more faction but as with the other programmes of these types entertaining if only to check that your critical faculties haven’t deteriorated beyond all hope with the advancing years.


  154. Rubber Bisquit performed by the Chips 1956.Now go back under the rock you crawled out from! Out.

  155. Well,the season’s over and no post’s are forthcoming.The insider knows that season 3 is being filmed at this very moment.SPOILER ALERT!!! Season 3s finale show’s the AIMS boy’s finding DIDDLEY!

  156. Too funny!

  157. Hillbillies are the ones who will survive what’s coming,these idiots have no idea what a hillbillies is capable of they use the word hillbillies and think the Hollywood version of them ( dumb inbred rednecks ) guess what ?? WRONG !! As a matter of fact go ahead and underestimate hillbillies and when shit hits the fan you are so going to wish you knew one. !

  158. I agree.Not all “Hillbillies”are dumb.I guess the “Politically Correct” term would be “Southern Wood Folk’s.Whatever.If you are trying to defend the AIMS boy’s integrity you my friend are “SOL”.If I were jammed up in the wood’s in NC I would call on the two “Hillbillies”I trust most …Spencer and Eugene.

  159. You suck!

  160. Does it really make a difference if it fake or real? Fact is these guys are making money and having fun, I live in Grafton WV I have never heard of the Grafton monster but it doesn’t matter, you all have watched the show at least once and you helped there ratings. Personally the only character on the show that bothers me is wild bill, there is something wrong with that guys head lol. So to sum it all up real or fake it doesn’t matter you still watched and they made money.

  161. I got nothing against anyone trying to eke out a living searching for Monsters,especially the 6 member’s who are collectively known as AIMS.As shameless as the show is I am addicted to it.Each episode seem’s to outdo the stupidity of the previous episode.I’m a moron with simple taste’s and this show is right up my alley.As far as Wild Bill goes,I can’t see him fitting into ANY BRANCH of the Armed Forces without getting an early discharge for Mental Incompetency.

  162. Bottom line fake or not it appears to get the job it was intended to do done … as everyone here seems to be aware of every episode and what happens in each one fake or not… Think about it that way :)

  163. This is a real show.it has to be true

  164. Wild bill is a real hunter and tracker.top notch ole feller

  165. I seed bigfoot 6 times in one nite while lookin for the moth man.

  166. Me a hep too.me seed bighoof 6 times in a nite.i was trying to get up with moth man,I can’t find crapper or Jeff number in me phone book.i be trying to send a picture me took of bighoof,I have evidence a em,me called the pleece and they laff at me

  167. The first few shows I laughed my ass off. Then I read the comments sent in by people, and was in total shock. People really believe in this show and one such moron actually called it the “HILLBILLY STEVE ERWIN”. Have you lost your fricking mind? You do know yawl are giving “hillbilly’s” a BAD name. I mean “DUCK DYNASTY” is probably sitting there with mouths wide open and that’s pretty much the NORM once you watch a few episodes. PEOPLE it’s for entertainment. The most popular saying they use in EVERY episode is “WE’RE GONNA GET THAT SON A BITCH”. Now ask yourself…. HAVE THEY EVER? NO!!!

  168. I was hoping the new one from Alaska would be different but it’s just another bunch of guys with huge beards running around trying to shoot something. What I don’t understand is: they go AFTER these animals in their territory and then get all “We’re gonna GIT them BACK” for what? they are intruding on them!! Waste of film

  169. It looks like the Straub Bros. are at it again with a their new venture “Alaskan Monsters”.This show is a carbon copy of MM.They must have put an ad in the local paper looking for retired and unemployed men looking for work.The only prerequisite,must have long beards with one exception…the “Rookie”.This show is worse than MM ten fold! Their leader looks like a Sasquatch.I did watch the entire episode.The “Eye Witness” got a cell phone video of a monster,in this “Mysterious Triangle”of absolute wilderness.Who the hell is his cellular provider? Unbelievably lame.Bring back MM.At least it’s funny!

  170. I’m from Detroit; although, I’m a nature and gun loving girl. Anyone that even thinks for a second that these guys made this show for anything other than comedy needs to get out in the woods more. I’ll still watch this show over the bigfoot one. The most I’ve ever seen out in the wild was a moose, lynx, and some black bear. As far as deer, fox, and coyote-they come in my backyard all the time; along with hawks, and owls as well. So Detroit’s not all shitty city.

  171. Emily,you must live in the woods…right?

  172. I feel it is a big joke also, probably just some tape recorders for the growling noises. I am done watching.

  173. Destanation America is my favorate station ! But I feel insulted by the stooges running around yelling and screeming trying to prove a criptod might exist ! It makes the back woods people look really dumb and if I was out on that land I would be happy to have the local boys on my side ! Stop making them look a fool ! Make some honest paranormal shows ! Looking for real evidence ! It would be way better then to insult ur true fans of destanation America ! We love the programing but it’s getting trailer ! And insulting

  174. I agree destanation America rocks! But let’s class it up a bit . More real, less kardashian ! We can see that crap on MTV ! Real investagation u will be the only one doing it ! And ratings will sore! I know bs sells but there’s a lot if people out there that want to know the truth , not just to be entertained we can watch any other channel for that ! Real reallity ! Try it ! It will work ! Thx DA your still my favorate too !

  175. You will never get “Reality” on DA in regard’s to “Monsters”. You can thank the Straub Bros.for that. The closest thing to “Reality TV” is,
    1. Cops
    2. Deadliest Catch
    3. Wicked Tuna
    All the rest are heavily scripted or reenactments.To put it bluntly BULL S#*%T.

  176. I have seen all of the shows an have not seen one monsters. I have notseen one real monster look at trapers eyes when talks.

    • I don’t think you know what a deer drive is. That is what the are doing by making noise to push the animal into the trap. Yes they did catch animals, the Russian boar, the wild dogs, the grizzly bear, the lion. The reptile looked exactly like the komoda dragon. Exotic animals from private farms are getting loose all the time. In Ohio about 3 yrs ago a private collector went broke and released over 200 animals. If seen by some people they would seem to be monsters. I saw an Emu in the woods,that got loose from an Emu farm. When people try to capture big game they are lucky to.ever get them. Ever see the movie “the ghost in the darkness”? it was a true story of those who tried to kill marauding deadly lions who had peculiar murdous behavior. There are always strange behavior among explainable animal behavior. I think the criticism in this area shows alot of lack of understanding about what happens when advance research crews find people who have seen something. I think the men on the show are trying their best. If they were actors they would be muscled attractive hollywood types. They are just normal guys.

  177. Its too bad that many of the comments are so nasty about how the men look. The fact that they don’t look like Hollywood actors is one reason that shows the truth of the show. While it seems like they are in the woods for 2 days because the show has to cut time, they aren’t. They have research people who collect info about sitings and put the men in touch with them. Creating traps must take more than two people and take a long time. Its normal that these facts would be left out, because they have to squezze in a lot of action in an hour. The most irritating thing is some of the editing. For example, the editors don’t let us see the photos or movies for more than a second. But that is how Hollywood does things, they rush through the valuable information. If they did better editing and didn’t cut out some of the important things, then there would be more people who believed it wasn’t fake.

  178. Survivor man already did his research and proved there was bigfoot, so why didn’t you pay attention.

  179. The reason that the show “Finding bigfoot” never finds anything is because of the way they go into areas. They fly all over the world, talk to a few people and go into the woods blind. They do yells…which would scare off bigfoots. They just walk through any woods hoping to find them.
    But the Mountain Monster people have local people to give them specific spots so that they are going into a very narrow woods. I wouldn’t go into an area known to be occupied by bigfoot groups unless I had a gun and several others with me. Most people who have seen Bigfoot have been scared to death. This species is thought to be gigantipithicus. Several scientists have linked the DNA to unknown primates. It stands to reason that they live in large family groups, since the sitings go on in many areas. I think they are located in specific areas that are remote and wild woods. Anyone who is willing to go after them is brave. They are very strong. I don’t believe they are fun loving animals. That’s why the “Finding Bigfoot” group seems really ridiculous, they must not believe they are near any bigfoot because they carry no weapons and they act like they would be so priveliged to find one. Now that doesn’t sound like the people who have actually seen one and been scared out of their wits.

  180. Have another drink!!!


  182. No need to shout !

    Gerrye, punctuation is your friend.

    Now, load up & get in them thar woods !

  183. The Grassman forgot to mention your spelling.
    No monster hunting for you! Crack open those books & buckle down.

    Try posting again, if you pass, you can hunt with Trapper & the boys!

  184. This Website is a total joke.Most of you “Poster’s” are complete “Jadrools”!!

  185. I’m tired of everyone saying how” fake, stupid, idiotic and ridiculous” “Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters” are, and” there is no way that these people are real hunters, that they are just actors who are just putting on a show”… The only thing stupid and idiotic is being as close minded as everyone is being. Just because something is strange and in your mind there is no way possible that it couldn’t exist, then oh, Ok it must be fake. Everyone thought that the sailors that came back with stories of the Kraken and the giant squids or the colossal squids, were considered to be crazy, drunk and or were dreaming… But now there have been 30, 40 even squids over 60 feet weighing over 300 pounds being caught in fishing nets and washing up on shore. And the COELACANTH, WHICH WAS THOUGHT TO HAVE BEEN EXTINCT for over 65 million years ago which were up to 6 ft long and weigh up to 150 lbs. are still in our oceans today. we had dire wolves and sabertooth tigers and wooly mammoths running around only 12000 years ago… And the biggest one the gigantopithecus which was over 10 feet tall weighing close to 1200 lbs. with an arm spand of 12 feet, They are not sure but they thought they only went extinct only 100,000 years ago… Which isn’t really that long ago. But if a fish as big as the ceolacanth, which we stated for a fact was extinct… and we were wrong… and the giant 50 foot squid that we said could not possibly exist… Once again we were completely wrong… if they could elude us and stay off the radar, why can’t the possibility of a bigfoot or a unknown primate still living in our woods be real… Oh I forgot it is so far fetched that you must be a moron to believe that they exist… Even though we just found a six foot primate that weighs over 200 lbs that we never knew was even alive in the rainforrest just 2 years ago…

    Just because the guys from Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters have a personality and crack a joke here and there, does not make them actors or does not mean that they aren’t who they say they are… Just because they find more evidence in one show than other shows find in a whole season is because they are experienced trackes and hunters, that have lived almost their entire lives in or around the woods. They know what game trails look like and which ones to follow or which ones are being used at that specific time, and if you think knowing how to track an animal or animals is easy than your a bigger fool than I thought. It takes years and years and years to be able to track an anlmal correctly without spooking them or alerting them of your presence… for an example You must stay down wind of an animal and if the trail goes upwind they have to find another way to track them like following the prints but then you have to know the difference between an animal that’s been there 5 mins ago or over 5 hours ago or if another animal is chasing it, by seeing how close the prints are from one another and figuring out the size of the animal by the size of the print but you also have to be able to tell the difference between a single print or if the animal has stepped in the same print more than once making the track look bigger or if its two animals in one track… And that isn’t even the basics of tracking an animal… But no I forgot… your the real experts because you own a tv and they crack jokes, and go after animals that are not deer, bears, or mountain lions, Oh they must be actors and your sitting at home on a couch saying there is no way they can be real hunters and trackers… because a real true expert knows that if you didnt see it with your own eyes so it must be fake.. (Losers)

    And I don’t for a fact that they aren’t just actors putting on a show… Or if they are even real hunters and trackers… or if they even know how to shoot and reload a gun… I don’t know the truth… But what i do know is that having seasoned trackers, hunters and trap builders are going to have at least at 75 to 100 % better chance of finding proof of these cryptid animals, than a group of people that just have researched bigfoot by reading books and going into the woods at night… And every time JUST and ONLY making calls back and forth from one team to another waiting for any noise to pop up and looking through a thermal camera. And once in a while playing music at camp or cooking some food on a fire. And thats the entire show and season wrapped in a nutshell for almost 6 years… And not even a good picture to show

    Ok well I could keep giving more facts for days but I dont want the people calling, the believers or may be real, thinkers, morons and idiots… look like the real morons for never having an imagination, never having a thought of their own and thinking that everything is just black and white…no grey area at all… And please feel free to comment on this because I want to see how many people are offended by this, And also I want to see how many people are being so close minded that they are just scared to think that for even a moment that one of these creatures could exist because if they did exist They probably wouldn’t go in the woods ever again or ever leave the comfort of their own couch… They’ll just keep on criticizing what they don’t know or understand is fiction

  186. Robert Pullen Jr. – bless your heart!

    Although you have made a few legit points regarding hunting and trapping techniques. (” It takes years and years and years to be able to track an anlmal correctly without spooking them or alerting them of your presence… “) You’re missing the point of every other poster before you, which is that these rednecks choose to ignore almost every basic hunting and trapping rules I’ve ever learned.

    In all honesty, the probability that these fools running around the woods (always at night?!), toting guns (that they never fire on target), making as much noise as possible, using ridiculous “technology” can actually film, let alone kill on of these creature is 0.00%.

    Additionally, just look at the camera work, why is it that every time these fools “hear” something; the camera man has the lens pointed directly at the faces of these morons? If you have ever worked a camera and been in a situation that over comes your expectations and overwhelms your senses, than you would know that you would spin around to see what was causing the noise and causing you to piss your pants so you knew which way to run. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! They spin the camera around for a split second (just long enough to sell the illusion that something was there) and then the lens is back on the morons explaining what they “saw”.

    I’m sure there are a lot of people making a ton of money off of this bull shit, but it’s not real and it’s not right.

    100% fake and 100% actors. No real hunter walks around behind their buddy with their shotgun in firing position pointed at their buddy’s back. 100% illogical.

  187. What a farce… I’d like to know when the next auditions are! And the costumes are unreal! Especially the beards and accessories in the beards! They might want to look for someone who’s not tongue tied & on the bottle-he’s also a pervert– for the next series. I won’t mention any names. I sure wouldn’t want to go hunting with any of them! I hope that they have blanks in their guns

  188. HAHA WoW! I couldn’t agree more. I hope these guys always shoot blanks; but not only in their firearms if you know what I mean.

    We need less, hell; a whole lot lot less of these ‘tards in America. These guys reproduction rights should be revoked!

    • I see that you & jim bob have read some of my post’s. Mr. Pullen’s post although lengthy was a contradictory within itself. Apparently he didn’t proof read nor examine his post. Stealth is not an attribute that the MM or AM team share. The formula is simple…6 doofuse’s track monster’s.On each team there is a real stupid douche,MM has Wild Bill, AM has Face.The rest of the 2 team’s are just plain stupid.I don’t want to reiterate what I have stated before…I could go on& on. However one thing is for damn sure…If there is something(I’m not saying there isn’t) out there these pathetic clown’s will never find it.Pullen,the tracker’s you so defend need to know the 1st thing about hunting…sneak up on your prey. Yes indeed…Bless Your Heart!

  189. Just want to know if they are drunks or junkies???

  190. Next you’ll post ‘rasslin’ is really fake. It’s not!
    If you’ve ever been hit by a chair or had dust thrown in your eyes, you’d know it is true.

    These hunters have just had bad luck running up on these creatures. They are out there! I’ve heard some of their calls & smelled them. I damn near soiled myself I got so scared on a night hunt.

  191. Alfredo,you really are out there.

  192. Alfredo, dude you are one strange cat!

    1st, you drag wrestling into a post than no one was discussing. Next, you’re bragging up hillbillies as honest to God righteous hunters, then claim you nearly shit yourself due to fright from hearing creatures!

    WTF amigo, you got bats in the belfry or do you come across being bonkers naturally? I hope you are not armed and running scared like your pals. Let me get out of here before your nervous ass starts shooting!

    • Alfredo must have been drinking some good mescal
      and ingesting peyote button’s…then heard noises,saw things then shit himself.He’s probably runnin around naked,in the desert somewhere wearing a championship belt.

  193. There is some truly funny posts in this thread. I really needed some laughs & you guys came through!

  194. omg this made me laugh sooooooooo hard

  195. This made me laugh sooooooo hard

  196. Love love love mountain monsters…it’s HILARIOUS!!! I follow Trapper on Twitter and he said he’s been doing this for years and is not an actor. So my husband said “maybe they are going in for a real investigation and producers are just screwing with them from the woods” haha. Comedy gold. The only time I was really frightened in when I saw Huckleberrys toenails. Only bad thing is now “sumbitch” is a VERY common word in my house now.

    • here’s another MM or AM term used on both show’s…UPAIR. definition: up there. you need subtitles
      to understand what these moronic imbecile’s say. to me, this type of talk is unique to the Monster Hunting genre and other’s that don’t know any better.i will say this…the ONLY thing that these miscreant’s will ever slay is the English Language…tracker…out!!
      PS…still the funniest show EVER!

  197. Hell I have a pretty good knowledge of the fakes and have done field research before for my personal amusement. Found some strange stuff and am willing to do some research if your game to go?

  198. Hell i’m game to go!!

  199. Sorry to hear you’ve no hope!

  200. Freezing phony idiots now I know how Obama got elected ,TWICE !!!

  201. Tracker…saying the only thing they will ever slay is the English language made me laugh so hard it woke up my dog. U sumbitch!!! Hahaha

  202. Mountain Monsters..Really? The only “Monsters” associated with this television series are the ID network exec’s who execute this “Fraud” on the viewers

  203. This is the most ridiculous show I have ever seen. These fat, old and slow azz rednecks can’t get out of their own wAy. What a scam…….this Wild Bill is completely dumb

  204. I have to admit to watching this sh*& and its mainly because you want to believe… But, the show, as folks have pointed out, has the same story line every time. First they get a recent “report” then they visit and see a video of the “alleged” “monster” then then do A NIGHT INVESTIGATION, then a trap then the next day…they chase “it” and the this “it” escapes from the trap. Now, they have 30 cameras but NEVER get a picture, video or glimpse of any creature at least not that you see on TV.
    Evidently, this show worked so well that they’ve COPIED it, but now its a bunch of red necks in Alaska (I don’t mean to offend my Redneck friends,…good folk). Same show…layout…report, investigation, trap build, chase…then the “it” just gets away. I suppose if they had something truthful on TV…it would be boring a hell..,right?

    • look at what happened in the Hogzila episode.Hogzilla was trapped in a trailer. he was busting and pushing at the rear doors which had a 2×4 across the hatches.the rear doors finally flew open and their quarry escaped.
      where were the cameras? if they had a monster contained securely like Hogzilla why didn’t they have cameras covering all angles of the rear of the trailer?
      what they caught was a borrowed Berkshire hog from a neighboring farm. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

    • the Alaskan monster hunters are even lamer (if that’s possible) than their Southern counterpart’s. Alaskan Monster Hunters may be funny looking but not funny at all. Mountain Monsters (southern version) is where it’s at for comedy,bullshit,misdirection (smoke & mirrors) and lame sound effect’s.let’s not forget the hirsute, toothless cast that comprise the brave Southern Sons
      who seek what doesn’t exist.

  205. Me and the Missus wanna wish all you posters a very
    Merry Christmas & a Happy Hew Year.
    We also extend our greetings to the jerk-offs on TV who are still tryin to catch us for whatever stupid reason.They sure are stupid ain’t they. Howl Howl Howl Merry Christmas

  206. The only thing all these “throwbacks” to the human race go out to seek and actually manage to successfully FIND is the local gin mill….come on…get a reality check man. These shows are one big hoax, and especially the matching sets of prototype characters (ie, the two “village idiots” FACE on AM and WILD BILL on MM) who both need some English Language lessons, play the same part. TRAPPER AND BEAR play the fearless leader type role, and so on right down to the rookie roles. These shows are so identical, that they even share the same monster roar recordings, and the theme through the entire show. Investigation-trap-the chase-almost got em routine. I mean Gimme a break it is so obvious, they could have at least mixed up the character types or the way the show goes. Even the theme music of the shows are similar! The programmers just got real lazy and greedy and decided to churn out another few shows like MM and came up with Alaska Monsters, using the exact same formula for Mountain Monsters because they think the recipe works – and it does. It is mindless entertainment and a lot of people want that in these lineups of alleged ‘reality’ shows…mindless BS to watch and not have to think about. Just watch and laugh, that’s what it’s there for….it is nothing to intellectualize about, trust me…..

    • who said anybody’s intellectualizing. we just grab
      us some beers, kick back, turn MM or AM on and
      laugh our asses off at that “Dumb Shit” get hip man.
      one venue worked so well they produced another.

  207. LOL ,I believe YOUINS have been “Up in Dem Der Hills” Too damn long ……LOL ,Our Government failed a long time ago

  208. hope all you Monster followers had a happy holiday
    season…Bozo & his Bigfoot Buddies as well as the
    MM & AM Hunters got nothing coming in the upcoming
    season. they have a better chance of finding gold than
    catching us. damn fools they are, stupid looking too.

  209. look i know what people are doing but what if its the best we never cach one becase people will just go hunting a animal that means no harm

  210. killing bigfoot,what a stupid show. why kill bigfoot?
    did he/she ever do anything to them. all bigfoot did was
    spook a few rednecks…thats it!! why the death sentence
    for something nobody understands. all of these shows that
    feature finding,trapping and/or killing this creature
    (if it even exists) are way off the mark.take a good look at the cast of these shows.Bobo…Bobo looks like he
    tortured little animals for great amusement when he was a child.i know it’s politically correct to hire the “mentally
    challenged” but they have got to get rid of him.
    the cast members of the other shows…well lets see,
    if they look stupid,sound stupid and are stupid, what
    are they running around with firearms for trying to kill
    or capture anything.i love nothing more than to watch
    a bunch of simple minded bumpkins who try to
    catch the impossible, make very little money in the
    process and make fools of themselves.

  211. Do you guys realize that a couple of the responses came from a star of the show? J Tice is trapper from Mountain Monsters, Just FYI

    • Stars? you use that term very loosely my fellow
      poster. the only “Stars” you will ever see on this show
      are the one’s twinkling in the sky.i also think “Wild
      Bill” has some girl in him. take a close look at him
      as he describes how he personally will dispatch
      a monster while he and his trap building buddy Willy
      build one of their bullshit trap’s.
      Dialogue & Mannerism’s of Wild Bill….Yeah..huh
      when i get my hands on that Wolfman..huh i’m
      gonna give ol’ Mr.Wolfman an attitude adjustment.
      He says this with his elbow at a 90 degree angle.
      While his elbow is at a 90 degree angle so is his wrist pointing toward the trap.His physical
      mannerisms as well as his tone of voice and his
      constant huh’s lead me to believe that he is a
      woman in a mans body huh,huh,huh. It infuriates
      me too no end to hear him call himself a MARINE!!

  212. These lame shows just show the complete lack of evolution in our society. As technology evolves, many humans devolve.

    Any individual or group who wish to bring harm to this species show nothing but a selfish, inept, pea brained thought process. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t figure out 1+1.

  213. Anybody chasing Bigfoot or his supposed cousins or even ufo sightings has to watch it as a comedy. Quit drinking the cool aide and have a good laugh. It’s all a bunch of hooey. The millions of hours man has spent as a species on this planet and not even by accident has any of these fairy tales ever been captured. Dead or alive, partial or whole. Gotta laugh. Great entertainment like wrestling.

  214. Hooey is a euphemism for Bullshit which this show features a lot of, too say the least. I do agree, it’s fun to watch. In fact pound for pound, it’s the funniest show on TV. BAR NONE!!!

  215. You wouldn’t have the balls to stay in the woods by yourself. All of you city boy idiots think you know everything. You don’t know crap every true hunter has seen or heard something they can not explain. I am still wondering diggerdog when are you going hunting next? that’s what I thought you do not hunt..

    • I’ve seen a lot of peculiar things that I do not understand and I don’t hunt. Hunting is a stupid form of recreation for those who are cowards.Too bad the hunters quarry isn’t armed, that would sure level the playing field. How much skill does it take to hide in a blind and kill an animal.Sneak up on your helpless prey BOOM it’s over. You must be proud. I understand traditional hunt’s such as the inuit’s of Alaska and other cultures that hunt and kill wild game.The difference is, they pay Homage to the bounty. It is a necessity for their survival. Killing an animal for fun and to have it’s head mounted on your wall is a travesty.I swore off killing anything when I came home from Nam. You my friend lack a pair of cojones big time!!!

  216. I’m just the opposite of you city boy, I took up hunting when I came back!

    I’d shoot a Bigfoot ASAP!

    I love to hunt & fish…although nothing compare to hunting down & shooting Charlie.

    I got out in ’69.

    • I got drafted in ’67 and got out in ’69.One thing that we had in common in nam was kill or be killed! I’t was a stupid effing war.I’t was by “Miraculous Intervention” that I came back to the world in one piece.That is all I will say. What I will say is this…Why kill a Bigfoot. Unless a Bigfoot is armed, hiding in the bush and ready to kill, why kill it?

  217. Omg that would be funny

  218. He spelled it correctly.

  219. better than watching some nigs make millions, taking roids, playing ball

  220. More American Exceptionalism. Now I know why so many other countries hate us……..

  221. Hey White boy, I’ll bet between you and your entire family you don’t even have a full set of teeth…..

  222. More Wisdom from the trailer park……

  223. Trailer Park, What Trailer Park? I live in the “Lap of Luxury” in New Canaan CT. I made my bones in the Stock Market.I watch this Mountain Monster Cryptid bullshit to add a little levity and believe me, this is funny stuff. It’s like the Three Stooges only there are 6 of them.

  224. The only good thing is we got a bunch of hillbillys off welfare they are killing TV and now we pay for this funny

  225. What a bunch of crap. Still wondering why they carry guns if they not going to shoot anything. They have reasons why not to catch whatever, like the end of the show. I saw 10 year olds with more guts. This show is as real as the thing their chasing. Have they heard of a fixed camera at the camp, trap ect. to prove it not a cast member. Or would they just dress someone in a costume. Comedy value 10 out of 10.

    • WW, their firearms are props and they’re shootin blanks. MM is still, pound for pound the funniest goddamned show on TV. You don’t think that DA would trust these 6 jerk-offs with the real deal while filming? Well then, kick back, relax, grab a frosty and enjoy watching the AIMS team build another bullshit trap and catch nothing. I always enjoy the excuses they make when the Monster slips thru their traps.This show is not Reality or Adventure…It’s pure unadulterated comedy,it should be on Nick at Nite right after Gilligans Island!!

  226. keep on postin people.destination america is luvin this.
    please keep this show on the air…please,please,please.
    i cant get this kind of amusement ANYWHERE!!! only in
    the USofA can we find amusement of this caliber. its not just limited to mountain morons. we have finding bigfoot, alaskan bushwhackers, mountain myths etc.etc.not all of the alaskan based shows are BS, however the aforementioned certainly are. these shows are the 3 stooges, laurel & hardy and abbott & costello of the 21st century.

  227. Well mr banjo player maybe I’ll just drop you off in the old deep, dark woods and listen to you cry like a baby. Ha! That’s right, you’d be scared hearing those sounds you never heard before. You’re going in unarmed too!

    I’ll come by next morning, see if you soiled yourself out of fear. Ha! The ol marine signin off. Ha!

    • i was an Airborne Ranger. what i have seen in action would make you (Wild Bill Fan) assume the fetal position and stay that way for a long,long time. you’re a pussy!!! i’ve been in the woods and faced an adversary a lot scarier than these sorry assed monster hunters will ever face.
      wild bill is a total jerk-off. he makes the Marine Corps look bad. as for you (Wild Bill Fan) well, you’re just another jerk-off!!

  228. So you’re a wild bill fan. I’d like to kick ya right in the taint.

  229. After reading some of these posts, I wonder how many of these posters vote! Believing in monsters, aliens and damn near anything else…grown people no less.

    That Wild Bill character is a disgrace (if he even served) to our service men & women. The cast gives hillbillies a bad rap! Still, it seems the shows producers are making $$$, employing people & giving the public what they want. Little wonder our country is in the shape it’s in.

    It is comic relief for me as I watch these stumble bums with my 7 yr old grandson. Wish the producers would cut the use of “we’ll get that sob”, & “that bastard”.

    How grown adults can believe this show is real makes me scared !

    • The Status Quo of our country is ‘very scary’ and I couldn’t agree with you more. However the ensemble cast they put together for this show is what scares me most. Under what rock did they find these cretin’s.I was in the service but I never bring it up like Wild Bill.
      The corps probably released him on a 212 or something. The background checks turn up little or nothing. These fictitious “Players” are to be laughed at and nothing more. One more thing my friend, they’ll never, ever get that SOB or that Bastard. You can count on that.

  230. Did you know …Buck trained to be a Navy Seal…He failed muster too many times cause they couldn’t drag his fat ass out of the mess hall. Wild Bill was given a general discharge from the Marines cause he had a hard time conforming to the UCMJ. As far as the other 4 go…I can’t seem to get a substantial bio on any of them. To sum it up,
    Bullshit Characters = Bullshit Series. OUT!!

  231. You folks that don’t like the show, stop watching it! You are the dummies…responding to post after post with your wanna be bad ass comments.

    The rest of us believers or those that just like the adventure of the AIM fellas enjoy the plots. Monsters or not, it’s a show made for us.

    Now, no more negative posts you Debbie downers!

    I’m watching reruns even as I post!

  232. This site is here so’s people can voice their pros/cons about the subject matter. The last time i checked this was a free country, you know freedom of the press, freedom of speech, the fifth estate etc. Mr.or Mrs. Well Then! it is your god given right to believe in this show, but don’t even try tellin me what to watch. i never said i didn’t like the show. like you , i am a simpleton. i get off watchin dum shit.the dummer it is the more i laugh.
    this show is as dum as dum gets.Well Then! you and me are on common ground ‘Simple Minds are Easily Amused’. Oh by the way, if you had DA on demand you could watch the misadventures of the buffoons you have so much reverence for 24/7. just think…all buffoons all the time. just sayin.

  233. Please tell me you don’t even remotely believe in this mumbo jumbo.

    I look forward to your reply, I am not making fun of you. Thanks in advance.

  234. Amen! I agree completely with you!!

  235. They haven’t even seen anything in the seasons that they have been on TV. When they say ” it’s above us ” why don’t they shoot at it. This program should be cancelled. I’m so proud to say is was born in San Francisco and not the south.

  236. now, don’t blame the south for this sham. I’d wager the producers are from California! Sure they hired local hillwilliams to be the butt of jokes but the money men are west coasters.

  237. i gotta apologize to you for gettin a little too carried away yesterday. i mean that. we are regular people (at least i am) tryin to voice an opinion. as far as your question…do i believe in the existence of Mountain Monsters or any other Monsters lurking in the woods…i had to stop laughing before i typed my comment…NO!! there are few things that i do believe. MM isn’t one of them. the Straub Bros. ( they produce this show) found their ‘Target Audience’ and will probably not change the format of the show much outside of more sensationalism.

  238. The producers of Mountain Monsters ( the Straub Brothers) are laughing all the way to the bank.This show has a huge following. I guess people want to believe that there are monsters in the woods somewhere. Ironically, the real Monsters are the ones that pursue the fake ones. I mean, you can’t get a substantial or valid bio on any of the AIMS team. My question is WHO are these people.Wild Bill is an Expert Tracker, Huckleberry is the Security etc…Nowhere can you find any credentials that can back up their claims/titles.The Straub Bros, found a group of rubes to bring this fantasy of theirs to fruition.I have absolutely nothing against free enterprise.Although the show is 110% bullshit,I have to tip my hat to the producers for bringing this hilarious comedy series to TV.

  239. as long as names are being brought up…old Buck (still the rookie) has gained some weight. He’s eating up the profits while screaming, “I need back up Trapper! Willie, the “expert” trap builder would be better served using fly paper…save the scrub trees!

    Jeff has one hand inside his overalls scratching his.. while the other holds a FLIR & usually blurts out, ” I’ve got nothing trapper but I heard it too!

    Trapper is reduced to swearing, “we’ll get that sob, “that sob got away”, or simply, ” that bastard”.

    You know me, I’ll be tuned in next week, same bat channel, same bat time! :)!

  240. Me too, my only problem would be I’d be laughing too hard to say my lines. This is a GREAT comedy show well worth watching IF you have a sense of humor.

  241. shut up people you’re a piece of poop!
    i love the show and i’m in third grade.

  242. YOU SHUT UP!

  243. You kids get to bed! Let us adults argue!

    That is all, carry on!

    • Didn’t I tell you that I would ‘Terminate Your Employment’ if I caught you posting on this Web Page. Well, consider yourself FIRED!!!!
      Madison, you better check under your bed before you go sleepy time…they’re might be a poop monster waiting for light’s off. High School Kid,don’t you know that this kind of program will turn your brain into scrambled egg’s.You don’t want to wind up like the Truant Officer…Do You?

  244. one team of West Virginia Sons will find the truth. What Truth??? all of these assholes need subtitles so you can understand what they say!! now you tell me, does all this mumbo jumbo add up? or is the network responsible for misleading the viewers?

  245. I have worked in the Program Development Dept. at Destination America for some time. The show Mountain Monsters is a total farce. This info is all I can share for now.

  246. I in a 40 year old man my name is Scott I live in Massachusetts I am definitely interested in debunking all of the shows if you are serious and would like to do a road trip and produced something I would definitely be interested

    • I cannot indulge your offer at this time…sorry.That is a risk
      that I am not at liberty to take.I am for real and so are my comment’s.

  247. Loved the episode last night . We’re they really being stalked by someone ,was surprised that the producer and camera man were on camera. Loved the episode.

    • ‘That Producer’ is one of the Straub Bros. He and his technical crew are the one’s responsible for ALL of the background Monster sound’s. You’ve heard them in every episode so far e.g. roars, growls, ya-hoos, hoots etc.etc.His appearance was nothing more than a ruse to add a little more credibility to the episode nothing more. He is also responsible for all of the video imagery e.g. shaky cell phone videos that last all of about a second or two and the thermal camera videos Yep, that’s the guy (don’t forget his brother) who created this Monster. A 21st century P.T. Barnum, I kid you not fellow posters. With a plethora of cryptid shows currently airing, Mountain Monsters is Hands Down a must watch for my family and I.Thank God my Cable Co. has on demand. Now,whenever I want a good laugh I can watch this show anytime I want. Where else can I watch an ensemble of 7 (Buck counts as 2) toothless, illiterate morons run through the woods hootin,hollerin and screaming (at night no less) trying to catch Monsters.Yes, I know they’re on TV and i’m not. Yes, I know I can change the channel if I want, but as I said I love this show.The AIMS Team has actually done a service, i’ll explain. If you know anyone who you think might be a little short in the brains dept. invite them too watch an episode or two of this series. I guarantee they’ll walk away thinking that they’re F*****G Einstine.

  248. I live in the western maryland mountains and I can see west virginia from my yard. (not Russia). I like the show, if you don’t like watching it, turn the channel. I’d like to grab my old Winchester 30-30 and join them.

  249. Grab that rifle and plenty of ammo & come on over. I live in Wv, (Roane Co.). Buck & Huckleberry live in Wirt Co.(next co. over). There’s monsters-a-plenty waitin’ on everybody.

    Obzo, shut down the coal, lots of folks hurtin’…these here monsters have helped our tourism. We let them run off so we can film & hunt again. (Can’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg!)

    Them A.I.M. boys are a good bunch, what with Trapper, Jeff, Buck(no longer the rookie, he’s an expert caller!),Huckelberry, Willie, & the ol Marine…Wild Bill…man what’s not to like about them?!

    Hated it that doggone Bigfoot freed the chewycabras!

    Have you left W. Template yet? Get to goin’ ! We’s waitin’.

  250. Is Buck married? I think he is a very handsome man.

  251. You are a farce………loser!

  252. stfu loser

  253. First off let me just say that I am a fan of the show as well as other shows about the unexplained. Shows like Finding Bigfoot, UFO Files, Destination Truth, and Mysteries and Monsters. I find it very entertaining! I have always been fascinated with the unknown and unexplained every seen I was a young boy. This show entertains that young boy’s curiosity, as I’m sure it does for the rest of their audience.” Now, do I believe that it’s all real? “Of course not!’ While the show is fun to watch, there is no factuality to it! Sure! They want you to think everything is on the up and up, but the truth is, it’s all set up that way. I’m a guy with plenty of good common sense and you have to use your good common sense when you judge this show. Think about this for a second. If Bigfoot and all these so called other monsters existed in the West Virginia Mountains, then wouldn’t all these different species of monsters combat and clash each other to make their dominance known! Have they all learned to co-exist or do they all belong to one big Monster University? Secondly you will never find a licensed scientist of college professor out in the woods searching for Bigfoot, because they know that they don’t exist! Thirdly and lastly. If these monsters are so aggressive and territorial, then wouldn’t every time Trapper or one of his Hillbilly buddies got near one of them, wouldn’t they come running right at them and attack? Here’s one more thing to consider before I leave you. How come Trapper and his team are always so rowled and shaken up, while all of the producers and camera crew nearby are always relaxed and calm? Just a few things for you to think about before you start believing all this stuff is real.

  254. George, you are correct about the monsters never running into to each other…they stay in their perspective counties. They are very territorial.

    Also, the reason we never see a professor or scientist is due to so many hotties in Morgantown. Those guys are makin whoopie while the regular dudes are hunting creatures. Makes sense to me.

    Moving on to Ruby. You take a shine to ol Buck? There’s a lot to get a hold of & I’m sure he wouldn’t mind! Gets lonesome in them hollers. I do know Buck likes pinto’s & onions & a plate of cornbread.

    Y’all keep ‘em straight over yonder. Tune in Saturday for another adventure.

  255. Don’t know diddly, Thanks for responding to my post and voicing your opinion, but If you think the women are hot in Morgantown, then you need to come over to Atlanta and get yourself a Georgia Peach! We locals don’t call it HOTLANTA for nothing!

  256. You are right again George! I used to travel to Atlanta for my job. Trading center was close to Hartfield.
    Yep, beatiful women.

    But you know, I used to live in Charlotte. I think most all southern gals are fine. Oh that syrupy accent!

    Oh, I forgot we’re supposed to be talking about monsters!! I’ll be watching this Saturday for the next fiasco…err adventure.

  257. Well said Brother! Well said!

  258. I got most of my teethes, I know my numbers and letters. What sister did you mean, there is April, May, June and Loretta.

  259. There is actually another show called Alaskan Monsters. It’s almost identical to Mountain Monsters but with guys from Alaska. Have you seen it?

  260. well lets see here….do these beings exist? if they do, Les Stroud will find them. no smoke and mirrors, sound effects,etc.etc. the Survivorman is the real deal. he wont waste his time on a Lizard Demon or a Sheepsquatch…nope, he’ll go right to the source. Les does it all on his lonesome (as much as he can) to shed light on this enigmatic subject. no side by sides ( 4×4 ATVs), no big lights, no stupid lame traps…just him, and if they’re out there he’ll shed more light on this issue than those Gummy Bears the AIMS Team!!!

  261. I tried to watch Alaskan Monsters…but I prefer the hillbillies.

    Might be a good to combine both shows…have them hunt down each other. Last team standing wins.
    Issue both side real ammo.

  262. Way to unreal BUT, the show of Survivor Man and Bigfoot is great.

  263. I started out interested in this show but after a few times of trapping nothing it was painfully clear this was a joke of a show. I have almost stopped watching Destination America all together. This makes a joke of folks from the mountains who are generally nice people who do not enjoy being portrayed in this fashion.

    The episode where all the Billy bad butts had the Big foot family moving in on them and they folded and then the Bigfoot sprung the Vampire beast from the trap….Really and they never catch anything. What BS do they really think people are this stupid??

  264. Smokediver, “What BS do they really think people are this stupes”??

    Well, Obozo was elected twice!

  265. You got that right do you remember a show called Monster Quest I think the same people who made that show makes this one and they added a cast of people running around and screaming for the extra excitement I mean how many times can you watch these guys walking through the woods in the dark and all of a sudden the camera go’s flying and every body’s screaming and running around and somebody is knocked to the ground and claiming it was the devil dog and you never see anything your right about watching it as if it was a comedy I mean I believe that Bigfoot is using chupacabras as there hunting dogs and when they catch one in there trap the bigfoot come in and brakes them out of the trap my son and I just finished watching a couple of shows and our side are sore from laughing

  266. this show is for Amusement only. Smokediver, i felt the same way you did after a few episodes. i watch it more now cause it’s so damned funny. DA has a technical team that builds the traps to assimilate what a hillbilly might build. the producers ( Straub Bros.) are slick. they think everyone is gullible. they are the PT Barnums of the 21st century. how much these 7 (buck counts as 2 ) toothless,unintelligible morons get an episode is anybodys guess.

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