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Chuck’s Notes > I watched the 2nd episode of Mountain Monsters last night to see if my first impression still holds up about this new cryptid show.  Well not only do I think this show is a joke it is the most ridiculous show to hit the airwaves in years.

These tubbies with guns running about the woods screaming with flashlights acting like their getting all kind of bigfoot reactions is more a comedy then some scary monster reality show.. You hear growls, roars, knocks everything bigfoot is supposed to respond like in a Class A encounter.

The question you’ll be asking yourself if you have any common sense is any of this really happening ? I don’t believe anything I see in the 1 hour reality show.

 Their quarry is the Ohio Grassman and these overweight hillbillies get immediate action upon entering the Ohio woods. They are out to kill or capture a Grassman so after having an encounter the first night the next morning they proceed on building a pit trap along the river where the grassman travels. If you were a bigfoot do you think you might notice a noisy excavator in your area digging a huge pit for half the day then covering it with a tarp and leaf litter ?

Well I won’t tell you the entire idiotic episode but they get unreal activity and evidence of the grassman and if your anything like me you won’t believe any of it for a second.

If you watch this program like it’s a comedy you will have a much more enjoyable time.



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  1. Three stooges times two. It is just entertainment.

  2. I don’t know how much of the show is real if any or how much is fake if any as i was not there. The thing i do know is that the Bigfoot community in and of itself is filled with the most self important, conceited, know everything group of people i have ever seen or heard. Now i know not 100% of any group can be lumped together but in the BF world unless it’s a buddy of yours or it’s your film, video encounter etc. then they are never worth a crap and the whole community is very fast to jump on and gang tackle anyone else’s evidence and even turn it to personal insults, like above for example. Great honest open scientific thinking .

    • Anyone want to get together and produce some crazy reality show.I got a student film crew from the local junior College that will work for free. we would only need a shoe string budget and we could make a mint. These stupid shows seem to be the new flavor of the month and they arent going away for awhile. EASY MONEY!!

      • I am in

      • I am in. I would love to prove that any of these stupid reality shows are just that, STUPID ! I want to let people know that ghost hunting like hunting big foot is all acting and selling. I have a lot of equipment for doing the hunting and a travel trailer to stay in. Let me know. Ps I am an older women.

      • I’m in for sure. I’ll even be one of the gun totting hillbillies.

  3. That buck guy went down 2 time in the creek.
    I worry that they might shoot each other
    the way they sling those guns around.

  4. A bunch of morbidly obese (I’m assuming, very closely related) retards running round the woods screeching like schoolgirls, pointing guns at anything that moves. Way to perpetuate that all-american stereotype… and even on a comedic level, please note, I’ve had funnier haemorrhoids.

  5. Those guys should be off the air or they kill someone.

  6. It is the dumbest show ever. I agree. If anyone even thinks they are firing off real bullets, you are as dumb as the show.

  7. damn he got away. let’s just give up and go chase something else that we will find right away and not catch

    • LMAO!! So true!

    • I agree with this comment. They always come close but NEVER catch or shoot anything. Then say ” Im sure we will cross paths with this again!” Then leave to go chase something else. If they almost caught the thing in the net (which chews or claws its way out) but it gets away so they give up. Makes no sense. I enjoy watching it as entertainment but so much just doesn’t add up.

    • I would hate to go deer hunting with these clowns

  8. This show is so fake its pitiful. If three middle age overweight rednecks ran through the woods at night as loud and clumsy as they do NO animal will come around them for miles. I have hunted for years and I know that silence and patience is the only way to find any kind of animal. Their so called Devil Dog footprint was from a cut out model . I don’t know any creature that leaves a perfectly shaped print with defined edges. This show gives a bad reputation to serious cryptid hunters everywhere.

  9. Yes, the show is pretty fake from the glowing eyes to the perfectly flat tracks in the mud. But it’s entertainment, I laugh through the whole thing. Watching overweight hillbillies chase monsters through the woods is funny.

  10. David, I’m with you!

    • Brenda and David, How can you say it’s fake? It’s 100% real, how do you fake ole Willy and Wild Bill climbing the trees and the bridge? Did you see that? Did you see any safety wires or nets? Did you see Buck fall in the cold water twice? Or Huckleburries big foot by the print? These are real people not actors. The show is real or people couldn’t watch it. You see all the posts on this site, surely the show has to be real, these people did not all dream this up. They have to be watching a real show to make real comments about it. Or do you think this site is “FAKE” too?

      • J Tice,

        I have a bridge available that I’d like to sell. I already have several offers, but thought it would be perfect for such an intelligent person such as yourself.

        It stretches the length of the SF bay and is in terrific shape. If you can outbid $1,000, by golly, it’s your’s my friend!

        Scott McMan

  11. Did you get a look at Huckleberry’s toenails? Now that was frightening!

  12. This show is so fake it’s not even funny .It insults the intelligence of all who watch it. accept for you J tice . tracking any creatures takes more than three days .Some how these overweight hillbillies with flashlights multiple cameraman producer and sound techs .Can make contact every time with no problem . Its sad how set up it is all the sound of the creatures are from speakers. The dead wolfs the animal tracks its all poorly done.

  13. Ok folks, I just watched the Mountain Monsters show
    for the first time. And I can say I liked it. Fake? Maybe.
    But, I would rather watch a group of bearded rednecks
    ( like me ) do their damnest to put on a good show than
    an overhyped bunch of know-it-alls chasing all over the
    world and finding nothing. Except for a little more gun
    handling safety stressed, I’ll take a bunch of backwoods
    coon huntin, bear trackerin, ‘backer chewing good ole
    boys any day.

  14. You guys need to put up more hunting cameras around your search perimeter and give each search team a thermal camera. You need to get more visual evidence. Try splitting up into teams of two for your second night investigation so you can cover more of your search site.

  15. i’vs been in these blue ridge mt’s all of my life,, been hunting and fishing here all of my life,, i am 48 years old,, and this show is bullshit,, no one around here acts like this or hunt like these fools do on this show,,, i’m sure that the people in the cities do take all of this to be true cuz they don’t know any diff from what they see in this show,,

  16. From an Alaskan mountain man’s perspective, we would call anyone who takes this seriously a real rube. Those old fools no nothing about the woods and wouldn’t survive a week up here without being killed by a moose or a bear. That 450 lb kid couldn’t walk across my property without his heart giving out. Good laugh for those boys though…and good payday off of the stupidity. of that American public.

  17. As a native of WV., this show is an embarrassment to our state.

    A must see episode for me would be when the WVDNR writes these goofballs up.

    • I live in point pleasant wv and most of their info on the moth man is bull and it hasn’t been any “sitings” in 38 years and they have two in one episode. Lol

  18. If these guys were really hunting these “monsters” why not set up a whole bunch of trail cams and leave them for a few weeks and try to see it first hand. No that wouldn’t be exciting tv would it. I wonder why no one has ever found the carcass of one of these “monsters” once they die… sickness or old age? Just makes no sense.

  19. this is whats wrong with america. Here you have an illegal Kenyan for a president that is singl handedly ruining the healthcare system and economy in america and anything else he can get his muslim hands on and everybody is more concerned with entertainment.

  20. Reffering to this program as entertainment is a egregious misnomer. At best it could be classified as amusement albeit grossly limited !!! From the beginning TV has had the opportunity to educate. Some networks have done a excellant job while others have sunk to the lowest common denominator…motivated by greed !!!…If anyone chooses to watch this tripe it’s their business but it is doubtful they will learn anything of value…Programs like this will play themselves out and will be relaced by other worthless matter…Ask yourself, who do you trust ???!!!

  21. funny show these guys crack me up,

  22. Of course its fake. But so is bigfoot, trolls and unicorns. Reminds me of the WWF. What amazes me is that bigfoot nerds get so offended when they are called fakes, yet they have no issue calling others fake. ITS ALL FAKE.

  23. Amen just let it go Bigfoot is as fake as santaclaus and to tell u the truth so is God and any one that believes any different is just stuck in the middle of human evolution.the human brain makes up more nonsense to justify something it cant explain ie,God Bigfoot chupacabras lake monsters the government of America,everyone would be better off to use common sense like why do we pay taxes to our government to just spend like a greedy corrupt organization that it is no one will ever live to see the day we get our debt even close to being in control. Bigfoot is a scared thought.God is humans scared of dieing and other humans greedy corrupt ones way back in the day saying u better behave and believe in my magic man in the sky or u will burn in hell….I mean come on people! Just get out work hard help people who would do the same for u and maybe sasquatch wont kill u and u die and go to hell where a devil is waiting with a pitchfork to punish u .I am proud to live in America but I see it for it is a good idea that had good intentions but went to crap .

  24. Humans are greedy by nature believe anything and are followers there are some good people but very few just like the idea of America we wanted to get away from s king telling us what to do and where to live ask the natives what they think if there was a hell volcanos would be erupting humans !

  25. Just started watching – realized they never catch anything

  26. If they’re perpetrating a fraud, can’t the producers be sued? Unless this show has some kind of disclaimer at the beginning, such as, “the following is a dramatization of real eyewitness accounts”, they are out-and-out frauds and should be subject to legal action, in my opinion.

  27. No one goes into the woods hunting for WHATEVER and makes contact with their intended target EVERYTIME!

  28. I was wondering the same as everyone else these guys are dumb as hell when it comes to hunting and trapping.but they must know something or someone we don’t cause they are making the jack off of that stupid shit.i am from tenn and have hunted all my life.i can tell u straight they don’t have a clue in the woods.like the episode when the one guys hogs were getting killed u would think the logical thing to do would be sitting quitetly and still watching the pigs waiting on whats killing them to kill it rather than be walking circles around the farm scaring everything off.oh thats right they were baiting it with their livestock that they were not watching! I call bullshit no matter how many times u polish a terd its still a piece of shit like this show!

  29. bunch of dumb ass’s with guns running around rthe woods at night scared of their own shadows. You watch, someone going to get hurt over these dumb as waving guns around like they were rubber bands

  30. I live in WV for me its boring because I can’t take any of it seriously and they always see what they look for which just doesn’t happen. Any type of sighting of something rare and unusual is usually when people do not expect it. People I know also unless they see something they rarely even consider believing it, they believe everything and always find it lol. What would be funny is on one of their escapades they saw something REAL and scared the SH** out of them lol. Most of the creatures they have been after I have not heard of like Devil Dog, WV Yahoo lol. I have heard Wild man. I always heard Yahoos as H**L Raisers or just people shouting out Yahoo like after watching a game or partying with friends and out shouting.

  31. Just stumbled across this show tonight. Someone tell me how a pack of yelling, hollering, floundering fat dudes smashing around in the woods at night is remotely “realistic.” I could feel my IQ slipping and finally changed the channel.


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