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CP Notes > I have some feelers out now trying to confirm through Washington University if Dyer really did have a bigfoot body there for DNA testing. If anyone reading this has any contacts there please help me confirm this once and for all. Thanks


A man claims to have shot and killed Bigfoot and said he has the corpse to prove it.

KSAT.com reported that “Bigfoot hunter” Rick Dyer claims he fatally shot the mythical creature in a wooded area of San Antonio, Texas on Sept. 6, 2012.

Dyer said the Sasquatch’s body has since been at an unnamed university in Washington state getting tested. He said the school plans to hold a press conference in February, standing behind him.Bigfoot

Dyer said he killed the 8-foot-tall 800 pound creature by shooting it twice in the back and once in the head.

He said he used pork ribs from Walmart and attached them to trees to lure the beast.



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  29 Responses to “Rick Dyer Claim Washington University Tested Bigfoot”

  1. It says a university in Washington, not Washington University.

  2. This is a complete fabrication. This guy is a self-admitted bigfoot hoaxer. He is nothing but a liar.

  3. What goes around comes around, sonny. And don’t you ever forget it, Goetz.

  4. Why would this *University* remain silent at this point in time? The *cat’s out of the bag* so to speak. Dyer would have no control over the release of any scientific information in this matter and it’s absurd to think the *university* is waiting for a thumbs up from Dyer.

  5. I don’t have anything to say regarding this other then I just love all the drama. The entertainment value is priceless.

  6. It’s legit I know people that worked on it.
    Only at matter of time before it comes out.

  7. Student ,,was the work done at Pullman?

    • Washington State University located in the general vicinity of Pullman. To be exact the “Division of Nonhuman Primate Systems Biology”. Can it be proven? Only Dyer and a select few can answer that question.

  8. Agree with Goetz, is this the same University where Grover Krantz worked?

    • Yes one and the same. Mr. Krantz was a professor in residence and he taught anthropology.

    • no grover was at UW in seattle and went to his grave never having been promoted and being looked at as an a dumbass by his peers due to his beliefs just as dyer is and will be

  9. Have you lost your mind? A host of people including Fish & Game, the Texas Rangers (and undoubtedly government personnel) would have been right there to intercept any attempt by dyer to cross the texas border with a real sasquatch body. He also would have met the same fate when trying to cross into/or out of Washington. Goetz, go try to play Sherlock Holmes somewhere else. You really are annoying.

    • I’m not hiding behind anonymous such as yourself so come forward and tell the community who you really are. A true investigator/researcher does not behave in this manner. You sir are a discredit to those who seek the truth.

      • Goes to show how much you really don’t know. I’m not a “sir”. I’m a Mrs. And furthermore it’s none of your business who I am.

      • Robert…are you a researcher? a team tracker member? I think we’d all be interested in your credentials…you seem to be saying that Dyer’s BF is real. Why?

  10. hey sherlock goetz, do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.

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