Jan 172014

dyer under glass

CP Notes > Rick is showing off his hand made coffin he will truck his multi million dollar bigfoot hoax around the country in hitting all the flea markets and garage sales in the most rural parts of the country. Just remember folks if you paid $55,000,000.00 for a bigfoot body would you allow this nut to tour it around the country for a year in a 10 foot trailer with no security ? I don’t think so !

Here are a few screen shots from part 2 of Dyer’s interview for Spanish T.V.
Notice no black toe nails and the second toe appears to have a popped air bubble.
I have past experience casting resin props and this kind of thing was common.

Watch Videos Here

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  3 Responses to “Rick Dyer New Photos of Hankenstien !”

  1. Hey Chuck, Great guest on last week’s blogtalk show. Listened today on podcast

  2. Hankenstein!That’s a good one!

  3. I hope Dyer comes to my town,I’ll kick him right in his twat!!

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