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Dyer bigfootEditors Notes > Rick Dyer who claims he has shot and killed an 8 ft Sasquatch at a homeless camp outside San Antonio, Texas last September, stated on his own radio show Bigfoot Tracker LLC that a well known Las Vegas Casino owner who viewed the body along with his personal physician offered him 50 million dollars to purchase the creature for display in his casino. Rick stated that Musky Allen was there to view the body coincidentally at that same time.  This Dyer bigfoot story has alot of well known folks wrapped in it’s hairy arms right now. All of them who support Dyer’s claims have a lot to lose. The longer this thing plays out the weaker the story becomes. I myself secretly hope the story is true just to end this bigfoot search and get down to understanding these creatures and how they got here and how they remained so elusive.But 2008 hoax keeps me from believing anything Dyer says about Bigfoot unless someone of character can back him up, In steps Derek Randles who has an invite to see the body, and if he believes I’m all in because I trust Derek.

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  1. You are a GOOD MAN Chuck…please do not believe a word from this guy. He can say all of this but he has NO PROOF OF ANY OF IT! WHY? Because he has no body and no one has offered him anything! I am constantly amazed that this is getting attention while he is laughing because he is doing just what he said he would do..fool the community again. I am amazed at how gullible some are these days. Dyer is a con,a hoaxer,a bullshitter and a compulsive liar. Why give him one second of attention. What the community should do…just totally ignore him. Post nothing more about it,dont speak of it on the radio shows and watch how fast he and the hoax vanishes!

    • Hugh as I said I know only one thing for sure about Dyer he hoaxed in 2008, until there is some credible evidence in the future this story is just that a story !

  2. I’m a skeptic but that does not stop me from researching the claims others make about the mystery of the bigfoot enigma. I did my research about the claims of Mr. Dyer and that is all they are. Taking it one step further I found that Bexar County, Texas does have numerous sightings that are documented on the WEB. Could bigfoot be reciding in close proximity to the homeless encampment yes and no. Yes I believe that there are bigfoot in the immediate area and they are coming from a federal wildlife area that is located northwest and no they are not landlocked as Mr. Dyer implied.

  3. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HE SCAMMED EVERYONE ONCE BEFORE!!!! Are you people that desperate? Not only did he do this once before, and claim he sold that one too, he said he would pull another hoax. My lord, you people who buy into this idiot and FBFBF and Ketchum and Erckson are like kids who beat their head into a desk over and over again thinking you will get a different result! Are they real, probably, is this the guy or the others I listed the ones who will prove it? NO!!! You guys seem to forget he filled a costume with animal guts and froze it!! So, in the history of the world no one else has successfully killed one and proved it, but you are going to assume a guy who hoaxed everyone before, and in a big way, is going to be that guy?

  4. Rick Dyer,You Ridiculous,Jackass.

  5. How much more proof do people need to see this is a hoax. It’s lie after lie from Dyer, Muskey, and those involved in it. Kulls has proven that time after time just by the little digging he has done. When will people learn? Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you!

  6. How much more proof do people need to see this is a hoax. It’s lie after lie from Dyer, Muskey, and those involved in it. Kulls has proven that time after time just by the little digging he has done. When will people learn? Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you!

  7. If it was real this joker would be truely cashing in. It’d be everywhere and that goe’s for all these shiesters who claim to have “proof.”

  8. Again, why isn’t this site reporting on Shawn Lack-of-Evidences hoax with Justin bear-meat and that Kulls lied about his background and is a former mall cop from Wal-mart who got FIRED, and how come nobody here is asking Merchant of Team Tazer to answer to the MANY videos of him singing racist songs about blacks and jews??

    Dyer is held to the fire and scrutiny but these guys above get slaps on the wrist??

    Come on Bigfoot field, get your crap together already before you become what Ufology has become!

  9. Well,I hate racists,hoaxers and all. However,the subject of this thread is not Merchant,Kulls work history or Bear meat boy(who never had me fooled for a minute either)..the subject is Dyer and he can barely keep a straight face yet people are giving this guy ink. That is what amazes me.

  10. Rick did shoot and kill a Sasquatch in San Antonio. I work for Minnow Films and as there when it happened. The proof will come out soon. I am still in shock about what happened.

    • lol, ya ok, and I work for CNN

    • San antonio police told me it was a they didnt investagate the shooting…and look at the fake photo of him standing next to it hanging from the tree his picture is in color…the bigfoot ,tree and rest of the photo is in black and white…

  11. Yeah offered 50 mil. but he is holding out…….LOL

  12. I, too, seen it! It was really big and hairy and scary!!! I sorta pooped myself when I seen it on the ground, blood pouring out its mouth! Ol boy Dyer was a damn fine shot…a damn fine shot! We all kinda gathered round and, one by one, took turns making sweet love to the beast (we thought it female at the time, but it’s nuts were just buried in all that hair!). Anyway, it’s true. Believe me. Believe Dyer. Why in the world would we lie to you this time??

  13. Every story, true or false will draw a little attention when it’s about an issue so interesting. Bigfoot? Well he might, he might not have it. Why not just sit back, and enjoy the ride all the way to the END. The truth has to come out, it can’t hide forever, no matter what we all think or even say about it. I predict soon, or it will get lost till the end of summer, then all will be exposed= true or false.

  14. If rick d. Shot anything outside of san Antonio that walked upright the san antonio police would of investagated the shooting to eliminate the possibilities of a human being killed. A homicide detective from the san antonio police dept told me that unofficially there was no investigation becuase they believed that this is hoax…

  15. This picture if him with the fake bigfoot hanging upside down obviously a fake picture. If you notice the picture of him is in color the bigfoot and background and trees are in black and white..

  16. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Once bitten twice shy. Come on folks, don’t buy into it. Unless a credible source from academia declares we have a new taxon, it is all so much hogwash.

  17. I’ll believe it when known, credentialed, and certified pathologists, anthropologists, doctors, and university officials sign affidavits, give interviews, and release official autopsy and DNA results. Until that happens, it’s another Dyer hoax. And no, I won’t pay a dime to look at it through bulletproof glass with armed, private security personnel guarding it.

  18. This photo is quite obviously an old black and white photo of a hunter with a dead bear. The color photo of Dyer was superimposed without even an effort to make it look correct. You can see traces of the original hunter behind the figure in color. This photo is as pathetic as the obviously fake “body.” How does this guy rate so much attention with such crappy efforts?

  19. I Am Bigfoot and I have not been shot. I will kick the crap out of Dyer if he wants to meet up with me.

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