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dyer crewChuck’s Notes > What is Rick Dyer all about ….Money and Rick Dyer right ! Well A&E TV Network apparently thinks his life is a good subject for a new reality TV show. Think about it what makes a good reality TV show “Drama” and this dead bigfoot story is one hell of a drama to play out on a TV show. Why do you think Rick does the most outrageous things he can think of in the last year, because he has a TV film crew filming all these things for upcoming episodes. I’m sure the storyline conceived over the summer about the baby bigfoot was written especially for an episode on his TV show, to bad he had to humiliate a few people along the way but who cares it’s reality TV right  it will make a great show.

Remember the Mt Charleston expedition with Team Tracker members there was plenty of drama that weekend, which included a member having a heart attack and how Rick took the credit for saving his life. Then he had the book burning and exposing himself by putting out the fire by pissing on it.

Dyer’s entire life is being filmed so anything he can do to create good ratings is a positive thing for him.

Everything you see on his channel is being filmed for his reality TV show. The latest possible scam is this video priced at $130.00 that he says will show 50 minutes of his dead bigfoot Hank. I’m telling you think twice before buying it this is another way to get the so called Hater’s to buy into this and Rick can come on a week later and tell all of you that bought it that he got you again. Like he got Steve Kulls last month.

If I’m Wrong about Rick Dyer I will apologize publicly, I’m just going by his history of lying and hoaxing. If you bought his DVD please contact me and let me know if it is undeniable video of a sasquatch. You can upload a clip of it to youtube and make it private and show it to individuals without making it public if your worried about Rick’s threats. Please let me know if I’m mistaken. Thank you

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  12 Responses to “Rick Dyer Playing To Reality TV Show”

  1. his sorry life would make a decent reality TV show. And our sorry citizens will make it a hit.

  2. Dyer and reality. Can you say ” oxymoron “?

  3. Maybe, just maybe if everyone stopped paying attention to him and giving him blog time, air time and video time, he’d dry up and blow away.

    • I agree Eric but when I figured out what was going on I couldn’t let people send him more money

      • I appreciate your sentiment chuck and looking out for people. Let’s be honest. P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” People still sign up for his memberships and they’ll spend money to see the dvd. Keep fighting the good fight, but just remember, that although warned, sadly lots of people lost their lives the day Jim Jones handed out the kool aid.

      • Let them get ripped off! thats the only way they will learn. Dyer is not going away…he has no shame, isnt that obvious yet?

  4. Excellent presentation however can this be believed.

    • If I’m wrong and he truly has a bigfoot body and this video shows something that is beyond question a real dead bigfoot body I will apologize admit I was wrong and give him his kudos. I doubt seriously I will be wrong.

      • You are not wrong.

        Video of a dead bigfoot on a DVD release, limited to 100 copies. LOL… (Guaranteed it’s a cheap DVD-R too)

        WOW, potentially one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. Limited to 100 copies…..

      • Good on you Chuck. Good on you.

  5. Here Comes Hoaxer Boo-Boo…

  6. Well do Gold and Platinum or Silver memberships get a free DVD? If not, what a kick to the balls that would be to those members.
    And the Dummies will probably continue to support this douche.
    The “best” bigfoot tracker in the world…. On a Youtube hangout….unbelievable.

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