Oct 262013

rickdyerCP Notes > Well we have all been waiting to see how Rick Dyer would weasel out of showing off a bigfoot body in December and now we know….LOL. He says in this 3 minute video that after 15 months of telling us you will see a body at a news conference  at the end of the day was just another lie to get cash out of his memberships and video sales for as long as he could before the rats left his sinking ship.

What is his reason for not showing the body this time, he says his family is too important and he can’t take it anymore. Why then did you have them on camera 3 times a week or more during your radio show for the last 6 months if you were so worried about them. 

This flim flam man took thousands of dollars from all these people thinking they would see a bigfoot body one day now he says it’s over,  you couldn’t be more wrong Rick, before you run off to Mexico you will have hundreds of folks wanting their money back for failure to receive what you promised them !!

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  1. AWW. My heart is just aching for this dear sweet man.

  2. CRIMINAL LIAR! nothing more. you’ve said I’m done before loser. man the things a petty human so-called being will stoop too! this man has nothing but stolen money on his hands. your a dead weight on man kind you fraud! and really are there that many stupid/suckers out there to give this man money and to now his back-ground /history! I guess P.T. Barnum was right after all. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  3. I suppose Lyer will have to take ol’ Hank out in the woods and bury him in a secret location. Then, for a monthly fee, people can be “Friends of Rick”, with the promise of someday being given the directions to the gravesite. “Someday” ….
    You need to understand that none of this is Lyer’s fault. It’s the danged “haters” fault, forcing his hand. lol
    I have no doubt the refund Lyer promised his loyal subscribers will be delayed indefinately, like ol’ Hank’s viewing. But, then again, anyone still in the Team Tracker camp is too far gone to want a refund.
    Of course Lyer will be back with a new lie next week.

  4. Well, the problem is his tent video. Are people saying now that it is a fake? Finding Bigfoot FB also supposedly invited Dr. MELDRUM to see the body for $10,000. Meldrum supposedly said ‘my fee is ‘$15,000’ and that shut the deal down. Meldrum could shut this down in 2 seconds, yet he hasn’t said its not true.

    So WTF is up with all that? Its not like there is no circumstantial evidence. And now Musky Allen is a liar also?

    I’m not surprised about RD. He is not doing blogtalk and is certainly a penny nicker, and he always bales on EVERYTHING he says, he constantly changes the rules, etc.

    But you still have to explain the tent video, Dr. Meldrum invite, and Musky. And then of course, the inevitable MIB will come and take it away anyways.

    Darn it!

  5. Good, but want last long.

  6. pathetic…Rick needs help.

    But if you really wanna see a bigfoot…I shot one, its in my barn in a freezer. Send me $99.99 and Ill send you a DVD that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that bigfoot is real! if you order within the next hour, its only $999.99!

  7. This is a bizarre story etc – but simply put – no one who is profit driven, who claims other priorities, and gives only excuses – as this man has done – can call themselves a RESEARCHER. He is simply a man who is profiting from what the internet can offer – an almost anonymous forum and means to sell his wares …..which in this case is a cooked up story. The movie was about hoaxers – and he is a proven hoaxer.

    I pity this man. How sad and desperate must he be and more so – if he can sleep at night.

    I actually liked the Facebook FindBigfoot site – there was some really good analysis done – if not entertaining….and now that site is down thanks to this one man’s ability to tarnish and taint an entire community. Well done.

    I have a theory though – he isn’t as stupid as you all think….This whole thing smacks of government. Rick Dyer may very well be a government plant/agent specifically tasked to discredit and further keep the public in the dark (voluntarily dismissing thanks to these stories) about the existence of a fairly evolved hominid cousin that we co-exist with. Think about the huge economic cost to many industries should the public become aware of definitive proof of their existence. Think of the cost in our identity – that we were created by a God – not evolved from apes – or worse yet that perhaps Sasquatch is better evolved than US! Think about it…..and it wouldn’t be difficult to conclude that many governments – all in bed with corporate interests and hardly separated from Church because ‘in God we trust’ as you all know – would use any means possible o keep such from happening. Dyer in my estimation isn’t stupid, but part of a deliberate operative to stop and discredit all inquiries and public awareness into whether a bipedal hominid is sharing this planet with us.

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