Apr 012013

muskyrickEditors Notes > On Rick Dyers radio show last night Musky Allen called during the show and told Rick that he got an email from an anonymous person which included actual photos of the the dead Bigfoot in the back of the truck after being shot. Rick looked really pissed and said that someone has somehow got their hands on the actual pictures and confiscated a few. They sent copies to Musky and Musky forwarded them to Rick. If this is a true story then maybe we won’t have to wait till April 30th to see the infamous bigfoot ! I would like to appeal to the person with the pictures to please send me a copy of the photos I would like to show them to my viewers. So if anyone knows this person have them contact me at prahlchuck@yahoo.com Listen around 1:01 mark.

I’m Quite certain if not true it’s April Fools …LOL

Rick Dyers Radio Show

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  13 Responses to “Rick Dyers Dead Bigfoot Photos Have Been Released ?”

  1. Not the body but the facility it is being housed in.

  2. Tbere are NO photos otherwise they would have hit the net by now.

  3. So where are the pictures? The sands of time have just about run out on Rick Dyer.

  4. bs…dyer and musky planned this photo rumour just to keep people interested in their bs story. too obvious!

  5. More bullshit to fuel the fire.

  6. […] of the Dyer Bigfoot (Hank) surface. At least three photos of Hank, dead, have surfaced. They were emailed to Musky Allen, who unfortunately forwarded them on Dyer, who got pretty upset […]

  7. We have Rick and Musky’s word there are photos, right?

  8. this guy is full of sh-t

  9. I hate the thought of the death (if it’s true), but it may help them in the long run. Staying positive in bigfoot territory. May they live long and not get shot by gun toting yahoos. They’re my good neighbors.

  10. If it is real why would you want to kill it, can’t you just leave it be to live.

  11. P.T. Barnum I believe said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”You couldn’t believe Dyer if he swore on the Holy Bible in a court of law.

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