Jun 282013

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dyer book burningEditors Notes >It looks like not all of Team Tracker is without morals and civility after last weekends depravity.

 After last weekends crude and just sick exploits by Rick Dyer when he filmed his team standing in a circle in his driveway burning a book by Dr. Jeff Meldrum then he did the ultimate depravity by pulling out his johnson and pissing on the fire. Just proving how sick this guy really is.

After the book burning Team Trackers Vice Presidents PinkFoot and David Dourette quit the team in disgrace. These two did most of the work for Team Tracker and could cause an even larger exodus from the ranks which will leave the core of Team Tracker with just the misfits and knuckleheads hoping and praying Dyer will make them rich one day….Good Luck with that….LOL !

Book Burning Video

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  9 Responses to “Rick Dyer’s Team Tracker Has Mass Exodus After Book Burning”

  1. Rick is a lame cunt!!!

  2. Is anyone really surprised?

  3. How jealous do you have to be to attack real researchers? Team Tracker is about as worthless if they believe anything that man says. I’ve been out there to see for myself. Most of them haven’t seen a thing so it’s no surprise they’re as ignorant as Dyer. I doubt he can find his way out of an old growth forest up here. Most fair weather hunters can’t.

    • Dyer is extremely jealous of other researcher’s.
      Dr. Meldrum’s book has sold more copies than Dyer’s ever will.
      Dyer craves attention. He cannot get attention or gain popularity by being a legit researcher, so he attempts to portray himself as the # 1 bad guy hoaxer/liar of bigfooting.

  4. Congrats to TT members that left. Good call!!

  5. I think you mean they quit the team in disgust. There is no disgrace in them distancing themselves from book burning.

  6. Why do people continue to give Dick Dyer any type of media coverage? He may just go away is you would quit posting about him. This bastard craves the attention.

  7. Dyer stated in a video awhile back that his goal was to turn “believers” into haters (of bigfoot).
    That is what his Team Tracker members consist of. Hater’s of the bigfoot community.
    This guy is obsessed with gaining support + attention for his hatred of bigfooters.

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