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Christmas is at the door. To many a religious celebration. For so many just a festive moment. The truth is that Christmas is experienced by most people as a period of intense family union.

In this sense, it is perhaps important to draw some conclusions about consumption and what is really important in this festive season, an essential reflection to save money.

Should Christmas be a Moment of Consumption?


Unfortunately, the Christmas holiday season has become more and more a time of great consumerism. Admittedly, there is no harm in gifting some close people with some special treat or memento.

In fact, it’s even healthy. However, we see that the fever of aggressive marketing has been translated into more and more into an impulse to consumption. It is now necessary to give gifts to everyone, from friends to co-workers. Does it make sense?

What Is Important In Life?

What Is Important In Life?

We can ask ourselves this question. In fact, the holiday season and the new year are used by many people as periods of great reflection. And at this point, we can always think about what is important in our lives and what we do not need or that we can easily leave behind.

And if we do, a careful analysis will lead us to conclude that we attach importance to a lot that has very little importance. And the most extraordinary is that these things end up weighing heavily on our family budgets, even leading us to ask for credit or to eliminate our meaningless savings.

Who should I give Gifts to this Christmas?

Who should I give Gifts to this Christmas?

It is certain that each person knows the answer to this question. Each of us has his friendships. Your family Your priorities. However, we can do this reflection in the family. For example, in my family (we are 7 brothers and we have 20 nephews) we decided to cut the presents. We do the “secret brother” who now counts on his brothers-in-law and the uncles are not forced to give gifts also to all the nephews. We took this opportunity to choose a better gift for a person when we used to give lots of trinkets to a lot of people.

Another idea is to make some gifts, which is also an opportunity to teach our children to save. So we can make jams or biscuits to give some uncle or person of ceremony. Older people greatly value this gesture and end up having more meaning than many other products purchased.

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