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shooting bigfoot trailerEditors Notes > Disappointment reigns across the Bigfoot community this morning not just because the movie Shooting Bigfoot was not what was advertised in the months leading up to it’s premiere, but many like myself were secretly hoping that finally the ultimate question whether bigfoot is real might finally be settled. But what I see as the dust settles this morning after is a community gut punched  one more time by a man who enjoys it so much.  Rick Dyer and his supporters knew all along what this movie ending was like but they decided to take this community and the poor souls that sent him hundreds of dollars to be part of this farce.

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Remember this folks if Morgan Mathews and Minnow Films had footage of a real shooting of a creature thought to just be a myth don’t you think they would have it included in a movie called  “Shooting Bigfoot ” With undeniable footage up close and personal where they could examine the wounds and body open the mouth and prove it was a real living creature don’t you think they would have included all of this in the movie. My God it would make cinematic and scientific history ! Every news station would be reporting on this all day long. The movie would be a block buster. Morgan Mathews would have to be a idiot to not include evidence of a nearly 9 foot monster shot and killed on film in front of him. Rick Dyer must think we in this community just will roll over and believe his idiotic garbage that we will now fall in line and still believe he has a body due BTW on the anniversary of his 2008 hoax August 15th.  I secretly hoped he had killed one just so we would settle the existence of bigfoot and get to the real important aspects communication and close encounters of the third kind. But that my friends has slowly drained away with the premiere of this film. Rick Dyer did not kill a bigfoot if he did the film would have proof beyond question !


Here are some facts you must not let Dyer and his supporters get away with:

Rick Dyer and his crew stated, that once he shot the bigfoot he filmed it dead on the ground from it’s head to it’s toes with expensive HD cameras proving without a doubt he killed a bigfoot. He also stated on his radio show that this film would be out soon after the movie opened.  Let’s see if they forget they said that…..

I do not believe you will ever see this footage because if the footage was taken it would have been in Minnow Films Shooting Bigfoot  since they had first and exclusive rights to the bigfoot footage !

Dyer says now that the body will be released on August 15th which is the anniversary of the 2008 hoax ! Doesn’t that make you think hmmm…..!

Whatever Dyer says in the future he can’t get beyond these facts I have stated here.

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  1. I’m sure this movie is just meant to be fun like Troll Hunter or Blair Witch Project. They chose Dyer to act in it because they knew he would keep up the ruse long after the movie’s release.

    It’s all fake and just for fun.

    • The difference between “just for fun” and “fraud” is the exploitation of money from innocent people who believed in Rick Dyers statements….$9.95, $99, and the gold member $199. Just for fun? BS!!!!

      • You’re right. I meant fun on Minnow Films part. I think that Rick Dyer was chosen because he is a professional liar, so they don’t need to worry about him blowing their cover until the film picks up more steam.

        It’s really perfect when you think of it. By the time most people saw Blair Witch they already knew it was all fake. In the internet age you can just look for the actors on imdb.

        I think that Rick is conning people out of money on his own volition, independent of Minnow Films. He is a sick individual, and probably someone that Minnow Films will regret working with before this all shakes out.

  2. its sad chuck, i was 100% sure it was a hoax but was also wanting it to be real. i havent had an experience but have always had interest in the subject. fbfb should shut down and dyers name should never be said again. like the ‘n’ word, never again. the only thing i can put any faith in is the 1000s of sightings of reasonable people. i really want to believe but these silly games make it difficult and a waste of time and energy. thanks for letting me vent.

  3. P.T. Barnum ‘s quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” rings true. After all that we have heard over the years, we should regard everything we hear with a heavy
    dose of questionable believe. In the case of Dyer, nothing he says should ever be believed. He was just seeing dollar figures. And as they say “Figures don’t lie,
    but all liars figure”.

  4. We’d all like this to be over with Chuck. But I think if it were anyone else but Dyer who said they shot a bigfoot, the community would be a little more believing in them than in Dyer. How many hoaxes have to be pulled on someone before they realize this guy is a con-artist, hoaxer and a fraud. If you go back to 2008, all the way to present, he has lied time and time again. He has had arrest warrants served on him for frauding people. Frauding and conning people is in this guys blood. It’s what he does and now he has people paying 199.99 to join his cult. People are still joining and still supporting him. What more will it take for people to realize what this guy is. As Old man said, there is a sucker born every minute. and Dyer played a lot of people for suckers and there are still insisting he has a body. The truth of the matter is, there will be some excuse why we wont get to see the body, whether it’s someone bought it and wont display it, or someone stole it, or the classic MIB came and took it away.

  5. A non-BF review said the ending was an obvious fake and the crowd laughed out loud twice. the shocking events were from the perspective of a sane director, that an ass like Dyer would do such a thing…and the resulting scuffle with the homeless guy in the suit….he was pissed apparently …and never once indicated anything to the BF community to endorse Dyers claims…at all. It is exactly what it was billed to be. Why are you listening to a criminal mind such as Dyer?

  6. If I hadn’t seen one of these creatures myself I thnk I would just walk away from the subject. This kind of crap is just making life harder for those of us who know they are out there. Some of the gullible people who supported this charade need to take responsibility as well for allowing this loser to hoax again.

    • Exactly,if I had not witnessed one myself I would most definitely get far away from this field. I would like to start a group of serious,flesh and blood researchers and we would have no tolerance of those who believe in paranormal quackery,telepathy,squatches who fry automobile engines with brain waves etc. and we would distance ourselves from those kooks. Until we get scientific and stay sane…nothing will get us the proof we need!

      • Yep Iv’e seen one as well . The people who haven’t but believe whole heartedly just wanted to see one themselves. How frustrating for them.

  7. yeah, any level headed person knew it was hoax. . .like chuck I would just like undisputable evidence to come out to end all this childish banter ans gamesmenship. at this point only a body will do. NO one in mainstream science, media or the public in general will accept DNA, HD video, HD photo, hair samples, etc. at this point. it has to be a body that can be examined and reviewed by the masses. until then its going to be the same as it ever was. unfortunately, I believe it will likely degrade and get worse until that time comes. hopefully a body comes up sooner rather than later. I think most people like myself (that haven’t had an encounter) grow tired of this drama. thanks chuck, I enjoy the show and site!!

  8. For those who believed in Dyer’s story, there is no need to feel foolish and ashamed. All the shame belongs to that fool, Dyer, himself. He is a better con artist than most folks gave him credit for. You got lied to, that’s all. His cast of cronies who supported this con convinced some folks to go against what their common sense was trying to tell them. You got took by an accomplished liar because he offered what you wanted, irrefutable proof of Bigfoot.
    I stayed on the skeptical side, but even so, I admit I held out maybe 5% hope that the story had merit. So, even though Dyer said he would hoax us again, and the story never added up, and I suspected it would come down to this, he still had me considering he MIGHT have shot the Bigfoot.

  9. Is Rick even allowed to touch a gun? Hasn’t he been cheating people for years? If he has a CRIMINAL RECORD??? You do know felons can’t touch guns.

  10. Soon to be a Felon for fraud ? Yep, Felon can’t shoot guns. Maybe this will finally shut him up for a long time.

  11. I hate to say it..but I told ya so Chuck! Why anyone would ever believe anything Dyer said for one second is amazing to me! Ketchum,same thing,it will lead to nothing but more craziness and disappointment. As for the DNA,hope that Sykes can come through and doesn’t catch the “psycho bug” that Ketchum has contracted. Let’s all hope he stays scientific and responsible and not comment about telepathic sasquatch or talk about watching a family of squatch dancing in his backyard. Once a hoaxer always a hoaxer,once a con-man always a con-man,once a looney tune(Dallas and Wayne)always a looney tune and once a first class bull shit artist(Biscardi)always a BS artist!!

  12. Unfortunately, like many of the FAKE documentary reviews being circulated online via Bigfoot Evidences crappy blog, I also would like to point out Dyer is NOT a felon. His record is CLEAN despite what his ex-GF Steve “Sad Sasquatch Blogger” Kulls says. I mean you guys take the words of known liars like Kulls and Shawn, yet jump all over Dyer as a liar….go figure lol

    I mean did any of you actually think this film was going to show all this stuff you were hyping up? It’s an indie ptoject so what did you expect.

  13. The truth has come out with the Bigfoot community being made fun of by a person who has no morals. I know from personal experience that Bigfoot are real!! The truth will come out with diligent research.

  14. By the time august comes around dyer will have an excuse as to the location of the body. He’ll go away for a few more years and then come back with something new. Hopefully chupacabra or the lockness. Hes obviously making money doing this. He should be investigated and tried.

  15. fools

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