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Shooting SasEditors Notes > On Bigfoot Tonight Radio last night guest Christopher Noel spoke (Sasquatch Rising 2013 )   about the new film Shooting Sasquatch that  will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival,  sometime in April.  This film supposedly follows Rick Dyer eventually to San Antonio Texas near a homeless tent city that over the past two years folks say bigfoot has gotten very active feeding on these homeless peoples scraps they leave for him in the crooks of trees. Apparently as the story goes Rick Dyer with Minnow Films in tow spent a week down there in September 2012   keeping low inside their tents trying to mimic the  homeless people living in the woods all around them, while just hoping they could lure the big brute over to their campsite with some delicious Walmart ribs. Well as the story continues that’s exactly what happened and they got the sasquatch on film eating the Ribs they stuck in the crook of a nearby tree. That’s when Rick Dyer packing a 30.06 hunting rifle slipped the barrel through the mesh of the tent flap and shot the Sasquatch through the back of the head exploding through the mouth taking most of the giant hairy creatures teeth with it. All of this caught on film by the Minnow Films crew with $124,000 Digital Video cameras in the finest HD Color. From what Christopher Noel said last night on my show Bigfoot Tonight Radio  the cameramen captured the last 2 minutes of this sasquatches life. It is said the bigfoot ran a complete circle of the campsite in seconds finally tackling the cameraman in his final moments of life. All of this is said to appear in this new movie Shooting Sasquatch.

  All of this at this point is hearsay of course until  March 8-10 when a press conference is suppose to announce they have the body and a movie about how it was achieved. As most of you know the person who apparently did the dirty deed has zero credibility when it comes to the truth about anything to do with bigfoot. Author Christopher Noel can’t reveal his source who told him the information so basically it is another waiting game until March 8th to see if any of this pans out. Like I said on the show last night nothing ever seems to be completed in the Bigfoot World. We have a couple weeks don’t hold your breath my friends !

I hope this is true all I want to know is if Bigfoot really exists that is why I got involved in bigfoot research. If on March 8th this film and body is revealed history will be made and I will truly be amazed ! It is sad a sasquatch had to die but at least all the bullcrap will end…Thank God

Listen to Chris Noel on Bigfoot Tonight Radio

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  25 Responses to “Shooting Sasquatch Movie Will Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival”

  1. If Dyer killed a Sasquatch …there is no God n I’m converting to atheism

    • I have been to san antonio investigating his claims and the homeless said nothing about this at all! They would know if one was shot! Mr dyer is a LIAR and a common theif!!! Dont believe a word out of this guys mouth !! He cant hold down an honest job in life so he scams people for their money!!

    • Good news is…God is good and you ain’t going nowhere. Other good news is that Dyer is being used in the next organic garden to replace the bullshit.

  2. Big Yawn !

  3. It was so very disheartening to listen to Mr Noel last night. I dont know what it is about the people who “research” but it seems so many of them jump off a mental cliff after “researching” for awhile. I will not buy his book since I now see he has made the looney leap. To add insult to injury I CAN NOT believe he defends that HOAXER DYER! Telepathy…killings…DNA. Enough is enough! Never will the study of bigfoot be one seriously funded as long as those interested keep giving passes to the crazies and time on blogs and blogtalk. I for one am FED UP!

    • Exactly FED UP! People become disgusted and start buying into or making up all of these ridiculous ideas to make excuses why these creatures have not been proven to exist. Just now we are getting our first real looks at a live Giant Squid and that legend has been going on for centuries. Noel has been sliding down that slope to paranormal for quite sometime now. I try to respect peoples beliefs and opinions but once they head to the paranormal,telepathy,inter-dimension travel and using brainwaves to stop car engines(Franzoni’s BS story)…well,they are immediately discarded from being credible and reliable. That may seem tough but I feel that to be taken seriously we must keep this study as scientific and reasonable as possible. Adding the paranormal on makes that impossible.

      • Well it may be hard to believe those paranormal events occur with Bigfoot but when it actually happens to you, you cannot deny it happened to you when the other people that were with you in your group experienced the same thing. And no one in the group is on any drugs or medication. So what are people supposed to do? Are they supposed to keep it to themselves and go crazy, or share their experience so others about what happend so they can know they arent alone in experiencing it? Crazy things happen and we have no current logical explanation for it. What do you do? Just because they shared an experience that doesnt make logical sense, doesnt mean they are looney and that it didnt actually happen!

        • I am finding it very amusing the non Bigfoot believers are saying “we will believe when you prove it” to the Bigfoot believers and the Bigfoot believers are saying “we will believe it when you prove it” to the Bigfoot Paranormal believers. We are all so much alike it is just too funny.

          As for myself, I am a Bigfoot believer because I have seen one and because of the overwhelming circumstantial evidence and a Bigfoot Paranormal believer because I know of people who I trust who have had the experience.

        • I know these beliefs cause fear for many, I personally cannot rule anything false, unless I educate myself on the subject. Perhaps there are many things that are hard for some to understand, that does not make it false. Look up Dr Stephen Greer. Sirrus Disclosure .com. It will blow your mind.

  4. Rick Dyers description just shows what a scumbag he is. What a Lowlife bottom-feeding piece of shit.

  5. Fuck him n his navigator

  6. Hey Squatchgirl…way to contribute to the conversation!

    • I ‘m just totally fed up hearing these lunatics say that they have evidence that they just don’t have. Constantly trying to pull real scientists into their lies. I feel that giving them anymore than a yawn is just to much. How many times should we believe the boy who cries wolf.

  7. Please Chuck,you are too good of a person to get taken in by this. I dont care who or what is involved,if Dyer is involved it will be nothing but BS! As for Noel,he has made some very outrageous and strange claims and if I am not mistaken he is one that believes that sasquatch can become invisible,travel through dimensions and time and can telepathically communicate with humans. I dont know if he believes all of that but I do believe he prescribes to some of these outrageous theories. Now,to each his own,but I would be willing to bet my life that if and when we get a sasquatch to study,they will be 100 percent flesh and blood. I think that they are so at one with nature that it may seem that they can do things such as vanish,however,man has long since lost his ability to be at one with nature,thus making the sasquatch seem to have supernatural abilities. I know that you are a good person Chuck,just dont get your hopes up too much for this stunt. I will gladly eat my words if the miracle happens but,trust me,it will not happen.

  8. I listened last night, great show but the real Noel emerged as not credible.

    He swears by BFRO expeditions and believes in friends of friends of friends who know Dyer is on the up and up. WHAT? Where was this clown Noel in 2008??

    I won’t be buying anymore of his books. He shot himself in the foot last night.

  9. So instead of having a big press meeting, they made a movie….hhmmm. I am calling bullcrap.

  10. Folks, is there a dead bigfoot? I don’t know. If Rick Dyer
    did shoot one in the back of the head It shows one thing
    to me, he is a coward and a punk. And I have no use for
    either. As for country music star Musky Allen, I have been listening to country music since before Willie Nelson started smoking weed, never heard of him.

    • BS! TOTAL BS! Do not waste money to watch this film. Gonna be another hoax that will set sasquatchery back another 50 years!

  11. I am taking a wait and see approach, many will call me out and may speak bad on me but it is what it is and i just feel like this time Rick Dyer is telling the truth. If in fact he did blast a squatch in the back of the head that really sucks, but is it getting face planted into the grill of some speeding semi any better ? The last i want to say is i am a flesh & blood believer but to totally discount the other views on the subject is plain ignorant to me, i mean really how successful has the whole scientific approach been ? Weekend scientist are no closer to prooving the existence of the bigfoot then the paranormal guy, but the flesh guy looks down his nose at any other persons view and all over a myth that has not been prooven to even be real, to funny . People in the bigfoot community actusally wonder why the mainstream laughs ?

  12. As for the paranormal aspect,well I am not a believer but to each his own. However,when people try to explain away things with “he just vanished through the wormhole” or “he took over my mind and I just froze”….just dont think that kind of stuff will fly when trying to get scientific proof,the proof we need to enact protective legislation. Just my opinion. The squatch that I saw just tore through a monstrously dense briar thicket like it wasnt there. That isnt paranormal,just protective layers and becoming accustomed to nature.

    • Hugh your absolutely right that the paranormal aspect does not help prove their existence. My point was that we shouldn’t criticize people who talk about it or believe in it. Most of the time nothing paranormal happens, hell most the time nothing happens, but sometimes things have happened that make you rethink what the hell is really running around out there. Either way it’s not like one or two people have experienced the paranormal aspect, there are a lot of people who have. Most of them dont talk about it, at least until they gain trust with you. Many who have shared it privately are very normal, intelligent, down to Earth people. One example is being in a group and hearing 3 large creatures around your group making LOUD tree knocks within 10ft and throwing things at you, hearing them breathe and make noises to deliberately taunt and scare you. You can see clearly out because there’s no brush and it’s a bright moon…you know there is something right in front of you and behind you, but nothing is there to be seen… after a long encounter like that, you begin to question every belief you had previously about these creatures. I dont what the hell they are but if they are just flesh and blood, they’ve gotta be something this world has never seen. But then again there maybe more than one type of creature and that could explain different types of encounters.

  13. Well according to the homeless guy who lives there, nothing came of the trip behind Walmart. If they paid off this homeless guy to keep quiet, he would not be homeless or there anymore. If the Bigfoot ran around the campsite for two minutes crashing into stuff, there would be some evidence of that. Broken trees, blood, teeth, brain matter??? This hillbilly (Rick Dyers) should put up or shut the *^&% up. He needs a punch right in the head.

  14. It’s a done deal as of yesterday. No movie premiere and Derek Randels visit has evaporated into thin air. FB/FB is in the toilet and should take their facebook blog down as they promised. As for Mr. Dyer he won’t go away and believe it or not he does the bigfoot community a service by exposing other hoaxers.

  15. What Earth Shattering news came out yesterday? I didn’t catch any of these stories on the cable news ?

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