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Do you recall the Ben Matine story this is one set of still photographs from Northern Canada that have always intrigued me. Usually I don’t give 2 hoots for any photographs of bigfoot in the digital age, but the back story that comes along with these images is quite interesting. Watch the video and if you know any information please let me know ok.


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  1. Interesting. Some of the background story seems a
    little fuzzy. If he is on the run why construct a large
    tree stand? Why take the chance on taking video and
    still shots?

    • Well the woods where he was is people at all for mile north all the way to the arctic filming and taking pics is totally safe..or so he thought..its the government that made it unsafe..and Ben Matine is er was a real person and is still missing to this day..its a huge government cover up and i strongly believe that they killed him to shut him up..either that or they paid him to silence him and relocated him to keep his mouth shut..either way the government is involved and its been a huge cover-up ever since.

  2. The Ben Matine story has nothing to do with a movie.
    It was a documentry about Ben and Jim as well as the OPP,MNR,RCMP cover up.
    It was only deamed a hoax by 1 single little group of bloggers who were being played as fools on line by students volenteering for a Toronto production company during the bumbling Biscardi event.
    The 2 students were charged and sued by the production company for steeling confidential data.
    The Ben Matine Jim Jardineau event is truth.
    Ben Matine has been missing back in Lady Evelyn PP since 2008 with no trace of him anywhere. He had no next of kin or anyone other than the doc crew and Jim Jardineau to look for him. The OPP didnt, Not one group of people from the public have ever investigated the Tamagami area and there are some strange events that happen there.
    1 Balls of light that appear out of no where
    2 Massive appearing vortex water pools
    3 Magnectic eruptions
    4 Strange powerful underground thumpings
    5 Missing people
    6 wheather blocked anomylies
    7 Bigfoot siteings
    The MNR, forestry and OPP flatly avoid any and all conversation regarding strange events or bigfoot in that area of Ontario.
    It is a magic place the worlds second biggest magnetic anomylie, full of under ground caves, gold and dimonds.
    There is an under ground cave system that runns 247 miles west to Lake Wanatapi and is 6 miles deep in spots. The OPP and other milatant style groups have been conducting research and odd emergency searches there for some time now, there is also alot of missing people back in there, 20 since 1930, 6 in the past 5 years.

    • Don’t stop now, you have my complete attention.
      Sounds like there is alot more to this story. Any-
      thing in print?

      • well the ontario wildlife field research site has a posting of a missing camper from Nov. 2011 (scroll down their homepage). He could be one of the 5 missing people. That area (Temagami) has plenty of remote and creepy places (particularly at night).

    • hahahahahahahahaha


      What are ” wheather blocked anomylies”?
      How bout “Magnectic eruptions”?

      “It is a magic place”.

      It certainly is. What does your ill spelled rant about Narnia have to do with Bigfoot?

  3. Anonymous, do you have a list of the 20 missing? I am trying to get a complete list.


  4. Is there a full version of the original video? When will this documentary film be released, if not already?


  5. Awesome, I mean the music of course!

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