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DM-05NegjpgEditors Notes > This is the first closeup of  dogman wolfman whatever it is that you can actually see it’s eyes close, it’s mouth open and nostrils flaring and closing. The branch that cuts it’s snout in half confuses you until you understand that this creature has a wolf or dog like snout and when you pick up on the nostrils and then the eyes then it will all become frighteningly clear what your seeing. This creature is only 5-6 feet from Scott and in the long shot you can see that as Scott moves this creature moves like on a hair trigger ready to dart into the heavier brush. Watch the eye close and open and the mouth and nostrils all move in unison as the creature breaths. I was totally amazed at this video and I can’t say enough about it. These creatures rarely give anyone a clear image of them as we all know finally someone thinking outside the box as gotten quite clearly footage of a creature most know now as the dogman.



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  1. I hope Scott is having his tuxedo cleaned and pressed.
    There should be an academy award coming his way.

    • Well said “old man” i agree 100%. What are these things, where they coming from and what are they doing here?? Questions that need to be answered. I tell ya what, “Missing 411” takes on a whole new meaning with these things roaming the wild places…..

  2. If that was a bigfoot video everyone would laugh at it. I was lead to believe it was a lot better. Shame on you guys. The tent video is 100 times better lol.

    • Yep, it got a little over sold, didn’t it?
      I could make out the creature, but from “4 feet away”, I’d have expected it to be clear.
      Do cryptoids put out some kind of force field, so they cannot be photographed?

  3. OK, that’s it! Now we have human faced Bigfoot, gorilla faced Bigfoot, long snout Bigfoot, dog man, and little wierd companions of dog man! The mountains used to be a place of tranquility for me, but I’m not going beyond my back yard anymore!

    • Sorry if you read David Palides’ Missing 411 books
      you might not be safe in your own backyard.

      • I did get the Missing 411 Eastern book read. I could hardly put it down. That is some really crazy stuff. I’ll have to break down and order Palides” other Missing 411 books, now, since I’ll be staying closer to the house. LOL

        • Hell, after reading all three, I’m
          afraid to get up at night to go to
          the bathroom. And at my age, that ain’t good.

  4. I’ve tried but I just don’t see anything other than something there. I don’t see a nose at all.

  5. I tried too. I see nothing definitive.

  6. Sorry, not very good at all, even from 4 feet we have yet again an uncertain video that is not clear enough to see convincing hair / eye detail. And why should we believe it is a dog-man when you can’t see the entire dog-body? This could be any animal that has a dog-like snout – we need the entire body in the video to conclude it is a dog-man.
    On the other hand, I do believe Scott is a person of solid integrity.

  7. Well this is very disappointing, again the hype and claims don’t match the offering.
    While there is something there and i even see a snout, in the black and white still towards the end, its just not good.
    When the camera moves the light effects foliage differently from the cameras perspective creating different shadows, that is why when he shows eye blink and things we can see a lot of other pixels change in the stills, all those cant be eyes blinking as well. So a pixel of apparent movement has to be taken very lightly.
    I always try to watch such things as if i didn’t believe these creatures could exist (Dogmen), this would not “convince” me.
    It is a shame the footage was claimed to be so much more than it is, because i think this movie does show something, however as it did not match its description it is therefore a hoax.

  8. So lame! Ahhhh! Wtf I thought this was going to be a game changer! All the build up for that lol Scott come on brother.

  9. Hey if you can’t see the importance of this video it’s all good, to each his own.But to me I see the closeup movement of the eye and nostrils and that was pretty impressive to me.

  10. Bs crap video. Lol at the build up! If that was a bigfoot video it would get laughed at. Crap crap crap

  11. Albert Einstein’s work was not accepted for many years.
    And remains to be attacked yet today. In the years since the P/G film was made none have come close to
    duplicating it. Many have attacked it and still it stands.
    The dogman is fairly new as it relates to bigfoot. The film
    Scott has made available is the result of a technique that he developed through trial and error. Just to get what he got is remarkable and will stand as a major
    accomplishment until the next best thing comes along.
    For all who will crititize his work, I will only encourage
    you to go out and duplicate it. It took years to get Patty
    on film. And many tried. Here we have a film taken by
    accident and you want to attack it? I for one am glad that Scott is a big enough man to shrug off the negatives and continue his research.

  12. Does this look like its only 4 feet away? If its only 4 feet the pic should have been much clearer. Also i would think it would be larger. IMHO I think it’s a blob at best. No it’s noting obvious to me.

  13. Chuck, I can’t believe you hooked me on this one. I was really looking forward to seeing something, but I really can’t see anything that I would call a dogman. I don’t even see the thing move the way Scott describes, it only seems to move when the camera moves. And it doesn’t look very big at all. It could be anything. Sorry. I’ll keep listening, but will not let you get me excited about any pictures or vides again. : )

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