Jun 092013

Yowie beast

Editors Notes > This is a question for the ages, does the government know about bigfoot, aliens and assorted monsters across this land and keep the secrets locked up somewhere. Well I’ll bet 10-1 at least some part of that answer is yes.

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  1. Fast paced and with some new info. Would not have watched conspiracy shows ten years ago.
    But, something s wrong with our inability to prove this.
    Standing used to be no kill and his tome in this is over the top He used to get close enough then, if he can’t now with murder on his mind it may point again to some freaky bigfoots.
    Creative editing of Medlrum clips.
    Only 20 minutes, but this is the drum we all need to be beating. Cover up.

  2. Wonder why you think it’s worth watching?

  3. The whole viking report has been blown out of proportion. Leif Erickson did not see Sasquatch, he met the indigenous peoples of Canada and wrote his description of them. He said they had bad hair (the Vikings were pretty vain about their long hair) and dark eyes, that’s it.

  4. you should stop looking to the fed for anything!!
    why do we need their opinion on anything?
    what are they gonna tell us that we dont allready know?

  5. Well, if the government knows anything about Bigfoot, they would, of course, cover it up. That’s how they operate.

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